Xue Yuanming | Contemporary book evils: Only common can not be cured

“Only common can not be cured” originally refers to the style of calligraphy creation, but at present the book circle is filled with unexplained and endless common books, which can not be limited to the style of creation.The key lies in the irrational criticism of calligraphy. Many people, especially those who praise “masters” and “masters” themselves without restraint, mislead them. In addition, there are also a variety of alternative “games” carried out by the standard of innovation, resulting in the confusion of fish and pearls in the current calligraphy world.The prevalence of secular ideas makes the calligraphy creation which should have the “cultural spirit” appear a lot of inadaptability. We may try to reflect on the current situation and root of the “vulgarization” of calligraphy.First, the concept of secularization calligraphy in the era of mass dialogue directly into the field of daily life, so it is necessary to examine the contemporary cultural living environment and practice.What is really felt today is not cultural transcendence in the true sense.The one-way display of traditional works to the recipients has shifted to the two-way dynamic communication between man and art, life and art, which has changed the way calligraphy exists in a certain sense.The understanding of calligraphy today cannot still stand on the standpoint of calligrapher’s personal activities.Calligraphy has changed from the soliloquy of the calligrapher to the communication process of social mass culture. It is no longer a unique spiritual way for calligrapher to direct their own culture.The ultimate result of social secularization is that people no longer have faith, are in a mental state of consciousness, and pursue mass culture without deep thinking, superficiality and vulgarity in order to relieve the very intense life.In this situation, a series of problems, such as the deconstruction of artistic ontology, the rupture of artistic discourse and the dislocation of calligrapher’s role, will inevitably occur.The secularization of aesthetic fashion in Chinese society in the 1990s has a rather distinct materialistic tendency.Behind this, we can see the emotional form of mass material desire impulse and satisfaction.The pursuit of enjoyment in daily life has not only changed the ideal of cultural value but also fundamentally changed the form of artistic aesthetic expression.In the process of occurrence and development of concrete, there is quite a clear ideological position, give up “political, moral integration” cultural value ideal, society itself is a kind of constantly tend to be centered on economic activity process of structural adjustment, the cultural value structure begins to fully reflects the dominant “economy – commercial interests,The basic goal of realistic activities is implemented in the process of material life accumulation and possession, and on the basis of direct and concrete daily enjoyment.At present, we have gradually given up the pursuit of ultimate cultural care, and are in love with the freewill culture and fast food culture. We consciously identify with some vulgar social trends, and the sacred life ideal, life criteria and noble spiritual pursuit have suffered unprecedented rebellion and blasphemy.On cultural behavior, show a strong tendency of pragmatic and vulgar, book people concern more and more realistic, increasingly secular goal, a wave of utilitarian in shake and break down the traditional cultural value order at the same time, did not provide sufficient value faith, make it become the new habitation of life, books are growing in an unprecedented cultural crisis,In the era of noise and restlessness towards the vulgar.Mass culture is a kind of rapid, mass, superficial and popular secular popular culture. Under such a trend, readers are less influenced by traditional culture, resulting in the loss of historical memory and the decline of cultural filtering function, and the pursuit of thought is truncated by the impulse of the expansion of real material desire.Every Hegel’s calligraphic ideal adherent has to face the severe fact that the secularization of calligraphic concept has become a tendency.Hegel has long predicted that “modern society will bring a huge impact on the human mind, and the richness of the material world is at the cost of the poverty of the spiritual world.”The pursuit of wealth has become the fashion of modern society, which is reflected in the field of calligraphy art. One is to depict the accumulation of wealth of famous artists;Second, kitsch tendency, purely to meet the needs of business.Calligraphy should be more aristocratic and less secular.The sanctity of moral ideal is a consistent tradition of Chinese art. If we simply pursue the value of commodities, we will equate calligraphy art with material products to obtain secular recognition and commodity value.There are not only utilitarian, ethical and moral relations between man and the material world, but also the poetic emotional relationship of superutilitarianism — the ultimate goal of art.Through the calligrapher’s creation and the recipient’s imagination, the calligrapher enters the wonderful artistic realm, carries on the emotional experience, the philosophic thinking and the charm taste, realizes the reality transcendence, obtains the rational sublimation in the spiritual adjustment and the beauty enjoyment.The calligraphic creation was drowned behind the changes of the noisy media. Although the hype was flying everywhere, it could not mention much exciting enthusiasm.Readers can’t help but indulge in practical calculation, which is the inevitable change brought by the economic era, and undoubtedly makes the spirit of artistic creation escape.The world is changing so fast, it’s a big shock.Nowadays, more and more people are competing for interests in the material world. The negative impact of art fatigue and decay on people’s spiritual world cannot be ignored, and the painstaking art training is difficult to be realized.The sword of reality is controlled by the magic of commerce. To be more precise, in the disorderly domination of the commercial market, calligraphy is more classified into the secular trend. Exhibitions, competitions, ghostwriting, publicity and other commercial operations frequently appear, and the submerged calligraphy creation is struggling to maintain.For calligraphy, commercial orientation seems to be the progress of The Times, but in fact the gains outweigh the losses.Under the prevailing premise of secularization, calligraphy has yielded to the conventions and boredom of the market. In order to please the judges and meet the exhibition needs, creation has become closely related to commercial laws.The creation form is simple, lose creation individuality, vulgar sentiment is boring.From the point of view of criticism, we should be allowed to discuss the works and the writers, and to refer to the weaknesses of the writers without losing their goodness. In this way, the critics are also educated and complete the process of spiritual sublimation.The boredom of creation forms and the falseness of criticism and evaluation emotions form a vicious circle, condescending to the secular danger and making criticism flat.Critics should grasp the harmonious and active relationship between art and criticism, and should have their own clear ideas between art criticism and criticism of art. It is foolish to avoid, and it is undoubtedly not advisable to cater to the secular world.Faced with the reality, critics should be aware of their moral and responsibility as spiritual awakening and cultural inheritor.No one is asking businessmen to take cultural responsibility. No one is asking calligraphers to take responsibility for the economic crisis.From the individual point of view, only a simple unity of motive and purpose can be effective.The responsibility of calligraphy critics is to do a good job of their own comments honestly, and to be less mystifying and blindly arrogant.The calligraphy spirit of Huang Tingjian’s Letter to The King of Qi is superficial, which makes the vulgarization of criticism inevitable.Calligraphy creation strives to make the surface form pleasing to the eye, and is full of inferior, bad and unknown calligraphy works, just as life is full of fake and inferior products.The record price set with the hammer is a hint of belated glory and fortune as compensation for struggling in poverty.The era of materialism replaced the era of idealism, and the fragile values of idealism quickly disappeared under the pounding of the economic boom.In the 1980s, calligraphy also talked about artistic spirit, and would argue for artistic views.In the 1990s, instead of talking about art itself, we should talk about exhibitions, operations and timeliness. The focus of contention is exhibition selection rather than artistic views.The eighties were rough and earthy; the nineties were utilitarian and flashy.In the 1990s calligraphic criticism retreated into cynicism.The changes of The Times make people pay too much attention to the ordinary and trivial in daily life and are busy with reality, which makes the calligrapher not in the mood to pay attention to noble and pure spiritual activities. It is conceivable that calligraphy criticism is lost.The 20th century is a period of leaps and leaps in the media revolution. Unprecedented changes are becoming more and more rapid. The tradition of thousands of years of book and text media is being covered by the ever-changing electronic media, and the foundation of the traditional information world is being violently shaken.In this way, the static consumption of reading books is impacted by the dynamic consumption of sound and painting, and more and more criticism is just puff.The vulgarization of calligraphy criticism is under the guise of market share. In order to share the scraps of the feast of the art market, the vulgarization of calligraphy creation is able to flatly praise the vulgar things, forget the spirit of their own duties, and transform art criticism into the servant of money, playing tricks, and openly exposing the stench of the secular world.Criticism no longer has profound rational observation and aesthetic ideal brilliance, in the banality and triviality into the vulgar.At present, all take the commercial market as the standard to basically cover the calligraphy creation and criticism, especially the self-admiring criticism accelerates the pace of commercial domination.Commerce and art are not the proportion of the question, art and commerce are equally important, one is survival needs, the other is survival needs.Commercialization is the trend of The Times, and the main reason behind it is to gain commercial benefits.For calligraphy, it is possible to truly understand the meaning of innovation by emphasizing the artistic essence, attaching importance to the advantages and disadvantages of commercialization, and placing commercial means and artistic essence in their respective positions.Under such a premise, calligraphy criticism should play a more important role in guiding.In this highly developed technology era, the dependence of readers on the media is getting higher and higher, in the process of accepting and identifying the mass communication of information, often unilaterally comply with the media induction, but also easy to be affected by the mass media, so it is more necessary to prevent the spread of criticism vulgarization.Calligraphy calls for sublime and true criticism, which has become an inevitable requirement of contemporary calligraphy.Calligraphy, after all, is the spiritual home on which Chinese people live. It should be the historical mission of every critic who is interested in calligraphy to help the calligraphy criticism, which has shown a softening tendency, to make it strong, pure and healthy.Because of the secularization of calligraphy concept, the contradiction between sensibility and rationality on the level of value significance continues to exist and expand.When this contradiction is reflected in the specific process of calligraphy criticism, it may lead to a new confusion of calligrapher about the realistic state of calligraphy.It can be believed that with the continuous improvement of the social and cultural communication mechanism and the continuous improvement and improvement of the technical ability of mass media, the guidance and restriction function of calligraphy criticism for calligraphy aesthetic fashion will be further strengthened.3. The impulse to create the spirit of vulgarization of individual eternal life has always been the object of artistic expression and the place of its own value. Calligraphy indicates the choice of readers’ attitude towards life.In the process of creation, readers can satisfy their spiritual needs.The vulgarization of the concept and the vulgarization of the criticism in the field of aesthetic culture make calligraphy creation in a background completely different from the traditional concept.In the era of commodity society with highly developed market economy, it is impossible for art to reject commercialization completely.The question is whether the calligrapher can promote the creation of more creative art and artists, so that the current trend of vulgarization in the field of calligraphy can be eliminated.At present, some calligraphy creations are becoming more and more abstract, more and more bizarre, and more and more bizarre. The tradition has been abandoned and reduced to the edge of vulgarization.Calligraphy was merely the accumulation of forms, becoming more and more vulgar and incomprehensible.We can clearly see two tendencies: one is the pursuit of fashion weird, blindly seeking strange, not elegant, but big vulgar, fashion in the form of fresh and novel cover up the superficial and mediocre spirit;Another kind of custom is self-admiration, so that calligraphy exaggeration becomes a very small circle of people can understand and accept things.In the contemporary social background of dazzling and changing with each passing day, calligraphy art is also constantly changing its perspective and role. Does the appearance of flowers blooming really mean the prosperity of calligraphy, or is there another real situation under the cover of the appearance worth exploring and questioning?Metaphor in recent years popular calligraphy creation is generally bad taste, a wide range of signs of history, is a sign of some kind of new ideological discourse, emphasizes the sensual pleasures, showing the actual is people daily psychological and behavioral level for responsibility and ethics outright rejection of the structure of inner spiritual pursuit of intuitive sense of lightness is flabby, real joy,Just feel happy and satisfied.Xie Wuliang couplet of the diversification of contemporary calligraphy art and media update quickly, often causing some misleading, the calligrapher does not need to spend a lot of effort to cultivate skills and mental accomplishment, only need to come up with a novel idea, with a new concept of packaging and the operation, just wait for success, result in calligrapher, no longer have a serious in-depth thinking on calligraphy creation,The spiritual meaning of a work is no longer an end, but merely a means.What they really care about is whether they can get opportunities and succeed in the real competition.Once the writer loses his spiritual independence and depth, he loses the most essential condition to become an artist.A calligrapher should be the watchman of the soul and should not lose himself in the process of chasing the trend.As a living individual, people have desires, cowardice and vanity, but the most important thing lies in the spiritual value orientation.Practical success can bring fame and fortune, but should not be a reason to stop spiritual exploration.The mature calligrapher will not be bound by fame and wealth, but still do what he really should do.There are different ways of spiritual life, the most important of which is artistic way.Artistic ideal can coordinate the tension in life. Even today when the social structure is complete, the disciplines are refined, the division of labor is clear, and art has become a profession, calligraphy cannot shed the spiritual essence of free creation, but more can highlight the life attribute of spiritual activities in life, enrich the meaning of life, and further highlight the spiritual essence of individuals.The value of one’s life is ultimately determined by the spiritual value.Countless facts in life show that the difference between people is the difference in spiritual realm, which shows the value of spiritual guidance.The dilemma faced by the current calligraphy creation, the secularization of concept, the vulgarization of criticism and the vulgarization of creation, does not mean that people can stay away from the pursuit of spiritual value, but on the contrary, it highlights the irreplaceable role of spiritual value orientation in the pursuit and creation of calligraphy art.

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