What’s wrong with sexy ran Yingying?Selfies look old and makeup is ridiculed by netizens

Recently, ran Yingying, wife of Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming, posted a selfie on social media, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.Big eye contact lenses, 14mm long false eyelashes, airy bangs and a beeping mouth make her look even more aged.Netizens joked about how dirty the makeup looks and how scary the eyes look.To make things even more awkward, Ran’s makeup looks almost out of proportion under the beauty filter.Nowadays beauty is popular, many girls indulge themselves in the illusion of refined images, so that they become anxious, feel that they are not good-looking anywhere, and once wanted to achieve the effect of changing their face through heavy makeup.Little imagine, makeup look is to want to go to daily life eventually in, it is not a special effect makeup.For example, when you go to work wearing a lot of makeup, it not only looks uncomfortable, but also conveys feelings of cover-up and low self-acceptance.In reality, girls can become more beautiful themselves through makeup, to make their skin color brighter, facial features more three-dimensional, better color, it is very beautiful.Especially for beginners to make up the girl, more to do subtraction first, rather than addition.What does that mean?Even makeup should be gradual, do not want to come up with a very amazing makeup, but step by step to practice, from the simplest start, slowly rise to the level of the veteran.To be specific, the daily basic makeup is divided into the following three levels, and girls can choose different makeup methods according to their own needs: 1. Mandatory makeup: foundation, eyebrows, lipstick.If you’re in a hurry, a must-have look that takes about five or six minutes can make you look great.(Self-luminous student Xiaoye authorized to release) ① Base makeup, used to even and brighten skin tone.In general, the best foundation to use is to apply it to your face and keep it close to your skin tone.If your skin blemishes more, some acne marks, spots, etc., can use a deeper than their skin foundation.You can also choose a lighter foundation and use it in areas where you want to accentuate your face to give it a sense of rise and fall.② Eyebrows, enhance facial contrast.If you’re new, it’s best to use an eyebrow brush and cut it down to the point where it’s easiest to draw fine lines.Eyebrow form has a lot of kinds, but suit you most actually, go down the direction that eyebrow bone grows namely change, decorate your original eyebrow namely.If you want to be strong, you can draw a little brow crest;Want a few gentleness, weaken a few eyebrow peak, this is the simplest eyebrow change method.The choice of eyebrow pencil color: thick eyebrows, choose and your eyebrow color is the most close, it is very important to blend in two;If your eyebrows are light or very soft, choose one that matches your hair or pupil color.③ Lipstick, improve color, increase contrast.The flush of lips is a very important indicator of youth, whether you wear lipstick or not, your complexion will be very different.There are many colors of lipstick. Generally speaking, if the skin is yellow, choose orange, bean paste, pumpkin red and so on.If your skin is fair, you can choose.However, for Asians, try to avoid fluorescent shades, Barbie pink and other alluring lip colors, which can make our skin look particularly dark.2, fine makeup: eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelashes.The eyeliner is used to mark and modify the eye type and increase the eye concentration.For beginners, it is recommended to buy a soft pen, it is easier to wipe, good modification.Daily natural look line changes a law, increase the concentration of the eye along eyelash root namely, appear eyelash root very deep appearance.Eyeliner color choice: eyelash is very thick, choose and eyelash color is most close to;If your lashes are light, look for ones that match the color of your eyebrows or pupils.Eye shadow, used to make and brow height difference, increase the visual level, expand the eye area.Layers of everyday eye shadow, like the one below, will do.Don’t go for eye shadow that is too artistic. It is only for stage makeup, performance, and magazine shoots.I would like to recommend a generic eye shadow box, earth color, which is friendly to Asian people.③ Eyelashes, used to expand the eye area, show young, cover too much whites.Now a lot of girls are to graft eyelashes, simple and convenient, just want to choose a few natural, do not blindly pursue long.Eyelashes curl up to make your eyes bigger visually;But if you have more white eyes, it is recommended to choose to droop.3, clever makeup: high-gloss shadow, blush.(1) High light and dark shadow, hyaluronic acid and botulism effect, can make facial ups and downs.Novice users are advised to use this stick, which is more controlled than powder and easier to apply.The principle of high light shadow is, bright color has the effect of a convex, high plane, and deep black is a bit lower in the future, both have a visual height difference.When you do a facelift, highlight the bridge of the nose a little higher, the brow bone a little higher, the apple muscle a little higher, and other areas of contraction, and your jaw line will be more clearly defined.② Blush, modify face shape, pretend the position and direction of apple muscle.Specifically, applying blusher at an oblique Angle causes your face to stretch more lengthwise;Horizontal dozen words, can let your apple muscle expand to both sides, actual operation should choose a method according to your bone structure.There are so many basic makeup steps to share, in fact, the most important role of makeup is: lighten the skin tone, enhance the contrast of the face.On a daily basis, there’s really no need for girls to go for too much makeup. It’s much more natural to go for a clear look and fake your natural beauty than to put on a lot of makeup and hide what you actually look like.

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