Ten times the 10 year sentence for using gutter oil is very impressive

There are already cases where anyone who dares to make illegal money on food safety can be fined to the breaking point.Recently, chengdu high-tech Court publicly tried a hot pot restaurant production, sales of toxic, harmful food case.Fu Xx, the head of a hot pot restaurant in Chengdu, instructed two employees to recycle and process the after-dinner waste oil used by customers into old oil, and then add the old oil to the bottom of a new pot for sale and consumption by customers. Local prosecutors filed a public interest lawsuit against the restaurant.The restaurant was fined 10 times 13.76 million yuan and the owner was sentenced to 10 years in prison.This time, the Chengdu High-tech Court ordered the restaurant to close down, rather than merely hurting its skin.At present, the status of the hot pot restaurant shows that the business license has been cancelled, and the shop can not be searched on online platforms.Visible, in food safety play clever tricks, such enterprises, the last is likely to be the road of no return.Food safety problems in the past, the relevant departments of the state is also repeatedly investigated and punished, but little effect.The chengdu High And New Technology Court imposed a heavy penalty on users of gutter oil.Consumers applauded the severe punishment, with some netizens commenting: “The punishment is so harsh that I hope food businesses can take it as a warning.”In fact, the problem has long been a focus of regulation and consumer complaints.But some restaurant operators still use cheap gutter oil, but out of interest.Do not say to take into account the feelings of diners, this is completely in contempt of laws and regulations, no awe of consumers, black means how bad, can light pardon?To protect the public’s “tongue of safety”, we must do our best in daily life.For the punishment in the field of food safety, we should not only improve the long-term mechanism of comprehensive governance, but also use sufficient legal means to top punish illegal behavior, improve the deterrent, but also consumers a “clean, healthy and safe” food environment, so as to truly enjoy the “happiness on the tip of the tongue”.Every time operators have more respect for the law, consumers’ food safety will be more guaranteed.(round)

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