Our city inspects the hidden danger of agricultural production closely stare at variant tractor, fishing boat and so on

During the Qingming Festival, the production safety of fishery, agricultural machinery and epidemic prevention and control in rural areas are facing challenges.In recent days, the city’s agricultural and rural departments have organized teams to sink into the grassroots to check hidden dangers and eliminate risks, stabilize production and supply, and ensure the stable development of agriculture and rural areas.Starting from midnight on January 1, 2022, variant tractors will be banned from driving on roads in the administrative areas of the province all the time.The city has carried out dragnet joint law enforcement inspections of all towns and townships (streets) under its jurisdiction, and focused inspections on construction sites, brick and mortar fields and remote mountainous areas.At the same time, make full use of the city’s road traffic bayonet high-definition video equipment, query the activity track of variant tractors, the implementation of tracking punishment.As of April 3, the city’s joint law enforcement inspection of all types of tractors 102, seized 22 foreign provincial variant tractors, local variant tractors 6, all the implementation of mandatory scrapping, agricultural machinery registered punishment of 2 people.The “Spring Thunder Action” in maritime and fishery fields continued to advance.By means of port inspection, maritime patrol and land supervision, law enforcement teams have drawn up lists of fishing vessels under key supervision such as eel seedling fishing and “one vessel with more than one yard”, and carried out regular, frequent and precise law enforcement inspections.By April 3, the city had inspected 4,286 fishing boats and rectified 2,056 hidden dangers.We carried out 1,104 special law enforcement operations related to sea and fishing, dispatched 6,922 law enforcement officers and 746 law enforcement vessels, discovered 1,214 potential safety hazards of fishing boats, ordered 953 to rectify on the spot and ordered 273 to rectify within a specified time limit.A total of 366 illegal cases were investigated and dealt with, resulting in fines of 1.628 million yuan, 7 cases of administrative detention, involving 9 persons, and 86 “three no-nos” vessels involved in fishing.Since this year, the city did not happen fishing crew casualties.The city has also made comprehensive use of digital inspection methods to strengthen dynamic monitoring of fishing boats operating at sea, conducting regular inspections of ports, docks and shorelines, and ordering rectification of more than 40 potential safety hazards in epidemic prevention and control.On the premise of epidemic prevention in rural areas, the city has arranged agricultural production in a reasonable and orderly manner, strengthened the production of “vegetable baskets” such as pigs and vegetables, and ensured the supply of agricultural products in the market.According to statistics, on April 3, the city’s vegetable field area of 143,300 mu, the daily supply of 37,240 tons, a total of 7,475 pigs slaughtered.(Sun Jijing, reporter, Bao Minghao) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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