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January 31, Xiaojin push calendar: the most soul of the home is a place called home, there is a feeling called rural love.No matter where you are, how far you go, the home of your heart is always home.Whether it is for the sake of family and struggle, or for the sake of everyone to bear, family is always the confidence that we face setbacks and overcome difficulties, but also gives us the courage to stride forward to pursue dreams.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter came to Liaoning Shiyada Biological Technology Co., LTD., located in Huangqi Village, Hebei Township, Shuncheng District. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specialized in planting rare edible fungi of Changbai Mountain in the whole industrial chain.Although it is not the mushroom season, less busy scene of mechanical processing, but general manager Yang Shuoshu is still busy — talking about orders with customers, testing the quality of processing products.”After the end of the mushroom, our company to the catering chain enterprise agent processing food seasonings, years ago has received from Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun and other domestic enterprises nearly 700,000 yuan orders.In order to ensure food safety, every batch of products go through multiple strict quality checks before leaving the factory, and workers are busy in closed food processing workshops.”Yang Shuoshu, 35, a native of Fushun, found that his hometown’s edible fungi were selling well abroad while he was studying in Canada, but there was no big brand.”At that time, I wanted to go back to my hometown and start my own business, and turn our good products in the northeast mountains into good brands.”Mr. Yang said his entrepreneurial passion was fueled by the growing state support for agriculture, rural areas and farmers in recent years.In 2012, Yang Shuo gave up the first-tier city employment opportunities after graduation and returned to Fushun as a new type of farmer, ready to innovate the agricultural model, so that farmers who rely on the weather to eat also experience the sweetness of innovation.With the expansion of planting scale, Yang Shuoshu began to innovate and transform in 2017, investing nearly 50 million yuan to set up a whole industry chain science and technology enterprise specializing in planting rare edible fungi of Changbai Mountain.After several years of development, at present, the enterprise has “fresh mushrooms” and “golden girl” two registered trademarks, and developed a rare fungi avoiding, rare fungi frozen one with bacteria, the fungus mushrooms leisure food, mushroom hot pot seasoning as well as a variety of ready-to-use mushroom dishes foods such as new product series, golden mushrooms and all kinds of deep processing of fresh products with annual sales of 35 million yuan.In order to continuously improve the competitiveness and r&d capacity of the enterprise, Yang Shuo also hired Professor Guo Xingjie, doctoral supervisor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, as the technical consultant, and signed a long-term “industry-university-research cooperation agreement” with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.Shenyang Agricultural University and Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences have also established long-term good technical communication and cooperation.Over the past few years, the company has created more than 200 jobs for local farmers, and has cooperated with more than 130 mushroom farmers, increasing the income of local farmers.Local farmers Wu Shoujia said: “Yang total these years special sympathy for our workers, what the bonus is sent in advance, have to eat, useful, we don’t have to go out for the New Year, we follow him to have a head.””My hometown is a treasure land. I returned to my hometown to start my own business and grow mushrooms. I felt very happy with my fellow villagers getting rich together.”Yang Shuoshu said he would spend the Spring Festival holiday with his family because he was busy with his work and spent more time with his family.After the holiday, I will devote myself to my work, working hard on food safety and improving product quality, and making due contributions to local economic development.Yang Shuo gathered with his family to celebrate the Spring Festival.”Sales in recent years are quite good, with an average annual income of nearly 1 million yuan.Since to baoding city of Hebei Province an Country medicinal materials market opened a store, not only my own home income increased, the village 8 households do this villagers income also increased about 30%.In the New Year, I hope to sell the local specialties of my hometown to more places and drive more villagers to become rich and well-off.”Approaching the Spring Festival, Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County Qingyuan Town dabao village villagers Qin Zhaojun is still busy shipping, looking at more and more prosperous business, full of confidence in the future happy life.Qin zhaojun’s family has been growing ginseng, raising deer and selling related products for years.Qin Zhaojun likes these since he was a child, and wants to promote and sell local products in his hometown to more and farther places.After graduating from college in 2016, he chose to return to his hometown to start his own business.After many visits, in 2017, with the support of his parents, he opened a shop in Hebei Anguo Medicinal Herbs Market, specializing in selling local specialties in his hometown.Qin zhaojun’s store has not only increased his family’s income, but also made the products of other villagers more marketable.Mr. Qin also worked on how to better preserve and process products, building a processing plant and a cold storage unit.”At the end of the year to buy special people, outsiders are particularly recognized fushun local specialties, family is my strong backing, to help the delivery.”Qin Zhaojun said, the mountain is good, the water is good, the quality of rich local products is good, he hopes to make a contribution, let more outsiders know the local products of Fushun, let us farmers’ money bag again drum drum, drive more farmers to become rich and well-off.Qin Zhaojun loved his hometown, loved the mountains and rivers here, loved the old folks here.After a busy year outside, what I miss most is to come back home with my family and eat some food at home.”This New Year before the busy delivery at the same time, I also bought a lot of New Year goods, this day over the better, we also have a happy New Year together, but also looking forward to the New Year is getting better and better.”Qin Zhaojun said.As the Spring Festival approaches, some migrant workers in traditional industries have already called it a day and boarded the train to return home for the holiday. Li Bin, 33, who lives in Baojia Village, Tangtu Township, Fushun County, is no exception.Li Bin busy after more than half a year of long-distance transportation work and did not choose to stop, after returning to the countryside and dry up the anti – season wild vegetables greenhouse.He said, no matter where he went, the most nostalgic or hometown of the black land.On January 20, the reporter saw Li Bin, he is not far from home in an anti-season wild vegetables greenhouse busy.To see reporters, he revealed a full face of confidence and happiness, “cut the prickly buds, sell by catty, someone according to the market price, a month down zha also get more than 10,000 yuan income.It’s tiring, but it’s nice to be at home earning money and taking care of the family.”From April to November every year, Li Bin was out running long-distance transportation and couldn’t go home, working very hard.In the winter of these years, the village dry up the anti – season wild vegetables greenhouses, many people, large sales, just li Bin return home to rest this period of time.So, industrious and willing to work, he did not hesitate to pack a greenhouse in 2021.Thus, in the season of prickly shoots, he went home and worked in his shed;In the off-season, he can go on long runs and earn more than 100,000 yuan a year.”I can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month running a long distance, but I always miss my wife and children.After returning to my hometown, I felt very happy and all my fatigue disappeared.”Li Bin told reporters that on his first day back home, he bought a favorite toy for his child, a beautiful dress for his daughter-in-law and gifts for the elderly of both sides.It wasn’t much, but he picked it all out.”I usually work outside and have no time to take care of my family. I will sell more wild vegetables and spend more time with my family in the first month of the New Year.”Li Bin said, now rich home industry, struggle outside more secure, their life across the more ambitious.After 90 years xu Qiuchi is a real fushun sister.After graduating from university, she was engaged in drug analysis work in Sichuan province with outstanding academic performance and working ability.Every Spring Festival, she rushes back to Fushun to reunite with her family.This year, she brought back not only sichuan specialties, but also the good news that she was about to get engaged, which made the New Year reunion of her family surrounded by a sweet atmosphere.On January 30, the reporter came to Xu qiuchi’s home and found that the family was having a heated discussion about the upcoming Spring Festival reunion and her engagement. They were all sitting around and talking with each other.Xu snuggled up to his family and listened to their discussion.In the field of work for many years, home for Xu Qiuchi fushun is caring is sentimentally attached to.Xu qiuchi told reporters that she has a big family of four generations who love each other and are very harmonious. “I am very busy with work and can only come back to visit my family during the Spring Festival every year.Although I stay in Fushun for only a short time in one year, I especially like the feeling of returning to Fushun, because fushun has my relatives and memories of growing up, which is only a feeling of home.”Xu Qiuchi told reporters that she is a grandchild in the home, her brother Jiang Tongyu in the field to read graduate students, this year’s graduation signed a counterpart unit in the field.”Every year, as long as we have time and conditions allow, we always go back home for a reunion. My little brother also cooks food himself.We also chat about our hometown on wechat and read the news about Fushun.Our uncle Jiang Youzhi said he was going back to the family today!He’s looking forward to it.”Xu qiuchi told reporters that every time she returned to Fushun, in addition to the constant sense of intimacy, fushun’s development and changes also make her very excited, she said: “I really feel fushun is more and more beautiful, every year there are new changes.When I checked my phone, I saw that Fushun was going to have a high-speed train, that fushun was striving to become a national civilized city, and that Fushun was the host of the 14th Provincial Olympic Games. I felt very proud when I saw the news.”At the end of the interview, Xu Qiuchi’s phone rang, the other end of the phone is the unit of colleagues, “good, more hemp more spicy sour sweet mouth!Remember!Go back and bring you some more!”After putting down the phone, Xu qiuchi told reporters with a smile: “My southern colleagues specially asked me to bring her some Fushun spicy mix back, she loves to eat this one!”Writing | Xu Zhongyuan The investigation TongLing Wei Ning photography | Du Jiliang jade-like stone door The investigation TongLing video & editing | jade-like stone door Xu Zhongyuan

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