East and West labor cooperation, online special job fair……New District human Resources and Social Security Bureau to solve the employment difficulties through multiple channels

Labor shortage after the holiday is a periodical problem faced by many enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises.In view of this phenomenon, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Pudong New Area combined with the large-scale visits and investigations of “Promoting development and ensuring safety” to explore solutions in multiple ways, so as to help enterprises resume normal operations as soon as possible and promote higher quality development.⬇️ Shanghai Matsushita Microwave Oven Co., LTD., located in Zhangjiang area, is mainly engaged in microwave oven research and development, manufacturing, currently has more than 1600 employees.After this year’s Spring Festival, there was a shortage of about 120 workers on the company’s production line.”Although two-thirds of the company’s employees chose to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, due to the requirements of returning home during the Spring Festival and different regions of the epidemic prevention and control, the company still suffered from temporary labor difficulties after the short holiday, mainly focusing on front-line production positions.”Company personnel section chief Qu Peijie told small cloth.After learning about this situation in the large-scale visits and investigations, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of the New District actively connected with enterprises, relying on labor cooperation between the east and the west and various online job fairs to solve labor difficulties for the company.On February 14, the second group of 110 nujiang migrant workers came to Pudong through the “2022 In Pudong — Spring Breeze Action” series of activities and “Nujiang State 2022 Spring Festival Labor Cooperation series of special recruitment action”. Among them, 58 worked in Shanghai Panasonic Microwave Oven Co., LTD., relieving the pressure on the company’s frontline production positions.This has become one of the results of the new district bureau of human resources and Social Security visit and investigation.It is reported that in order to carry out in-depth visits and investigations, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of the new District has made comprehensive deployment, combined with the list of key enterprises in the district and the main service objects of the bureau, the key work during the Spring Festival, such as stable employment, stable growth of enterprises, radical treatment of unpaid wages, etc., to formulate visit plans, clear the lead office, and implement the visit tasks.Before and after the Spring Festival, the leaders of the human resources and Social Security Bureau of the new District visited dozens of enterprises on site to understand their situation and problems.In the face of the labor shortage, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of the New District stabilized the stock, expanded the increase, and promoted the matching. In addition to strengthening the cooperation between eastern and western labor services, it also held large-scale online job fairs, and continued to carry out special job fairs of “In Pudong – Spring Breeze Action” in various streets and towns with the help of EDJob studio, so that enterprises could timely release their labor demand and connect with job seekers.People club department, meanwhile, also went into the park policy to preach and employment guidance, combined with great visit for importing talent training, job training, promoting employment and harmonious enterprise, labor relations, health care service six categories, a total of 111 people social enterprise polity policy package, elaborate services, warm heart to send policy, also constantly strengthening dock with the key enterprises of high quality human resources company.As a matter of fact, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the New District has always kept close contact with all employment enterprises, learned about their needs and difficulties in real time through the long-term contact mechanism, and explored solutions.Qu peijie told Xiao Bu that the company and the department of human resources and social security related staff through wechat group and network platform at any time to communicate, exchange needs.In terms of stabilizing posts and retaining workers, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of the New District has also continuously strengthened the “four lists” system, such as the list of problems, the list of measures, the list of solutions and the list of systems, and intensified the disposal of labor relations and other hidden contradictions and dangers involved in the visit and investigation, so as to effectively solve problems for enterprises.The bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of the new District said that it will pay attention to experience summary and achievements refining, formulate or improve targeted policies and measures, and constantly improve the employment supervision mechanism of enterprises, so as to promote the solution of problems point by point, maintain the normal operation order of enterprises, and help enterprises develop with higher quality.Source: Pudong

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