Attention | Communication big data travel card can be one click access

In public places such as airports and high-speed trains, when health codes and trip codes need to be checked at the same time, verification codes need to be sent when switching back and forth, causing traffic congestion and a large number of people stranded.Now this problem has finally been solved, we can obtain the travel code with one click under the health code of the public account, as shown in the picture: 01 Search the public account of “Hunan Residents’ Health Card” on wechat, and click the health card below to enter the page of applying for the health card. If you have not applied for a health card, please apply for a good health card first:02 click into the health code bright code page, the qr code below the communication data travel card entry, click into a box, in the box, select the allow: 03 in again bounced check the words below in the authorization, then click the query can be a key for a travel card, all peer originator, hail to the original

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