A lot of things happen all of a sudden

This time last year, WE were joking together about how people our age are getting married, having children and entering another stage of life.This year, I came back home to learn that she and her partner’s progress has reached the stage of parents of both sides to discuss marriage, about the end of this year to get married.She said it was fate, and some things just happen.On the first day of the New Year, I went to see a movie with my children as usual.There is also a boy friend, the one above, who is nice and can feel the three views she told us are relatively consistent and the mode of getting along is very comfortable.The film is universal. What impressed me most was the time when the protagonists came to Guangzhou from a fishing village, which seemed to reflect life.After graduation, I did not choose to go back home. I came to a new city by myself.The days are busy, but they seem to go in circles.My friends back home are moving forward.It’s not without stress, but when you’re away from home, you don’t have to think about it.And every time you come home, especially for Chinese New Year, some progress bar you leave behind and don’t want to adjust is reminded by different people and things, you are a little different and a little slower.Every time I go back home, I have some inexplicable feelings, and when I return to the city, I leave them behind.Everyone’s life is different, time in the past, the day is about forward.Another piece of muddled water, and that’s it!2022 still want smooth!Don’t do something you can foresee you will regret!

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