Quanzhou Shishi: retirement does not fade, shishi veterans volunteer service team in action _ Chinese government affairs

The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.Since the confirmed cases appeared in Quanzhou on March 13, the former soldiers of Shishi immediately responded to the call and did their best, silently contributing, leading the way and setting an example. More than 300 former soldiers from 35 volunteer service teams of the city went to villages (communities) to provide services and guarantee nucleic acid testing.The whole city general veterans on the premise of strict implementation of protective measures, in order to “fight” disease “is me, a line with my” slogan for the service, the tacit understanding to cooperate with police officers, medical workers carefully check the information, measuring temperature, “health code” inspection, civilization allure, order maintenance, etc, and their key moments stand out, and a crisis and clear out,They demonstrate the military style of obeying orders, obeying commands, leading the charge and bravely taking responsibility. Together, they form the unfading “Green Great Wall” and contribute a solid “camouflage force” to the epidemic prevention and control work in the area under their jurisdiction.(Quanzhou Shuangyong Office)

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