Qingming festival forced the heroes | recall my YingMo brother

Some people say, hero, is the backbone of the nation, is the soul of the country.Wang Lizhu, my beloved brother, as a second-class hero model of the national public security front and a policeman in a rural police station, you have become one of the heroes in our peaceful times and a role model around us.It has been 27 years since I said goodbye to you, and the scenes have appeared countless times in front of me, as if it were just yesterday.Remember in lianyungang guonan county small kiln township police station deputy director post on the work of you, on June 23, 1995 1:10 p.m., because of overwork disease forever fell, fell in your love with the job post, fell in you and the masses of deep affection for each other on this land!You were only 31 years old!Our beloved brother is gone.The news came too suddenly, when the wife called, I did not return to god for a long time, small kiln villagers, also temporarily unable to accept this fact.Thousands of people came from all directions and gathered around the hospital door, all in tears.This moment because of your sudden death of an ordinary country police, and in the hearts of a group of simple people condensed into a desolate eternity.Several villagers take out handkerchiefs and silently wipe sweat and blood from your face.The cold drinks vendors on Xiaoyao Street sobbed as they took out all the popsicles for sale and placed them around your body.An old man cried out, “My God, why can’t you see?I would rather die for such a good man!”Why does the sudden death of an ordinary village policeman stir so much emotion in people’s hearts?I think only local people can say that clearly.In August 1988, after you graduated from the police school, you were assigned to the small kiln township police station as an internal service, a dry is 7 years.At that time, there were only 3 people in the company, and xiaoyao township is located in the remote, inconvenient transportation, the public security situation is also very severe, fighting, theft and robbery and other illegal criminal activities occur from time to time.When you came here, you threw yourself into keeping the land safe, both on the inside and in the field, living and eating wherever security was bad.Zhou Gou village from the township government more than 10 miles road, often someone fighting, the masses of property is often stolen.After you heard the response of the squatting cadres, you immediately led several joint defense team members to zhougou Village and lived there for more than half a month.During the day, I investigated and visited the masses, looking for people with illegal and criminal bad deeds to talk, held legal classes in the evening, compiled textbooks and lecturing myself, during which I also helped set up the village’s first volunteer village protection team.Since then, the security situation of Zhougou village is stable, and the men, women and children of the whole village also remember you this solid work, enthusiasm for the people of wang secretary.There were three tyrants in Qudong Village, who often picked quarrels and made troubles in the village, beating people, killing livestock and destroying crops.The villagers hate them, calling them “three mountains” on their heads.In order to get rid of this evil force and return the village to peace, you and the leaders of the police station go deep into the village to investigate.Some people are afraid to speak out, so you visit people at night.Successively a month they visited almost every farmer of the village, mastered conclusive evidence finally, bring 3 villains to justice.In the autumn of 1991, the land adjustment work of the whole township was coming to an end, but there were still several low-yielding fields in Yangluo Village that could not be divided, and some villagers made trouble.From the overall consideration of maintaining the stability of the whole township, you volunteered to go to Yangluo Village to help do mass ideological work.At that time, the scene surrounded by hundreds of people, you crowded forward to explain the relevant policies, to persuade the rioting masses.Suddenly, an irrational woman rushed up and shouted, “Don’t listen to him selling poultices!”Yang hits you in the face and knocks your glasses off the floor.All of a sudden, the air seems to freeze. Hundreds of people suddenly stop making noise and turn their eyes on you to see what you do with this woman.You slowly bent down to pick up your glasses, wiped the dust, and said in a quiet voice, “Folks, this is all the land in the village, just us people.Can’t we just discuss it and solve it?Why fight and fight…”The villagers were moved by your broad-mindedness and said, “Wang is right and we are wrong!”The low-yielding fields were soon divided up, and the “old difficulty” that had lingered in the village for more than a year was suddenly solved.Win villagers respect and trust, is not only you to maintain the social security of the township pay efforts, and you to the masses of that cavity thick love.Sun Yinhua, a 25-year-old villager, lost his father when he was young.Once, drunk collapsed in xiaoyao street, covered with filth and dirt.But when I woke up, I found myself lying in your bed, scrubbed clean of my vomit, washed and dried my clothes.Sun Yinhua was moved and did not speak for a long time.From then on, he made friends with you.Soon after, Sun Yinhua contracted the film screening business of the whole town, and often invited you to preach legal knowledge before the screening.In 1994, Sun Yinhua showed more than 280 films in the whole town, and you preached more than 120 of them.With tears in her eyes, Sun yinhua said affectionately, “If it hadn’t been for Wang’s education, a man with a temper like mine would have been put in prison!”In the summer of 1993, the countryside was flooded.When you saw the flooded house of 60-year-old Fei Xiuying, you offered to help her build a geofill on the embankment of the gate and scoop out the water.The water was spooned dry, but the base of the wall was damaged by water. Aunt Fei cried bitterly.You say to her: “big niang don’t be sad, water retreated I repair for you!”On the third day after the water retreated, you were so busy with your work that you paid 20 yuan of your own money to hire someone to repair aunt Fei’s wall.Aunt saw after joy from ear to ear, shed tears, meet people said: “Wang deputy instructor is really a good police ah!”Every Spring Festival, you always go to the township nursing home to visit the elderly, their own money for the elderly do some New Year’s goods, and the elderly left pocket money.Not long before your death, two blind people came to the township government to receive relief money. Because they could not see, they happened to meet you when they came to the township government.After you inquired about the situation, you took out 20 yuan from yourself without saying a word and took them to a restaurant to eat and rest. After you went to work, you could get relief money.After you passed away, the two blind people knew that the good man was your deputy instructor Wang. They said sadly, “It’s a pity that we can’t see what Deputy instructor Wang looks like…”You suffered from bronchitis in 1991 and developed asthma in 1993 due to chronic overwork.You, 1.82 meters tall and a strong man who used to be a basketball player of Xuzhou Police School, have become a patient with asthma after a little fatigue.Whenever the illness is unbearable, you pull the two bars on the dormitory window with both hands. As time grows, the two bars of ten millimeters thick are bent.Even so, you never stop working.My beloved brother, do you remember?In the autumn of 1993, the township leaders saw that you were seriously ill and urged you to the hospital for treatment.One day, you go to county public security bureau after finishing by the way to the hospital, who knows just arrived at the hospital, a burst of acute cough make you suffocate, a head fell beside the stairs.The doctor tells you: “Your illness is very serious, you need to hurry up treatment, or you will lose your life!”But after just over 10 days in the hospital, you couldn’t stay any longer and slipped back to the police station without telling your parents and wife.My wife has called me many times to urge you to go back to the county seat for medical treatment, but you told her, “The police station is too busy. How can I stay in the hospital all the time?Don’t worry, I’ll be all right.”June 9 to 22, 1995, is the summer grain purchase period organized by the township government, the police station is responsible for the security work.You stayed by the grain transmission machine, covering your mouth and nose with a wet towel because of the heavy dust, and worked late into the night with other comrades every day.20 days evening, you receive masses to inform against in receiving grain field, the criminal element that is wanted by public security organ to cheat rural electricity charge returns home stealthily, you take a person to walk to 10 inside outside qudong village immediately, capture that swindler bring to justice.On the way you were heavily winded, and your comrades advised you not to go, but you refused. You held on until three o ‘clock in the morning and arrested more people.Afterwards, the comrades SOB to say: “you know you are so sick, how to say also won’t let you go!”On June 23, you were busy sorting out files in the morning. After eating a bowl of rice with a few pieces of bean curd at noon, you just wanted to lie down in bed. Suddenly, you fell on your head and stopped breathing forever on the way to the hospital.There is only one life for everyone.At 31, life should be a lush green tree, full of branches and business.However, my beloved brother, you are for the cause of your struggle, without hesitation to run out of blood and energy, run out of health and youth, with their own life played a swan song of life……Pillar, pillar, my beloved brother, I say this to you today, do you hear me in heaven?!(Author: Wang Liqian, Guannan Public Security Bureau)

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