Look who has a handsome and soughy police dress!

The navy blue symbolizes stability, reliability and trust. When the navy blue is crowned with the name of the People’s Police, it means duty, dedication and responsibilityLife let us hold up the time of the hourglass glory together along the wheel of history to understand the history change of uniform time to witness the strength of the follow small make up together and see who shizuishan public security bureau police dress handsome sayin metro city public security bureau party committee leadership team members forensic team anti-drug detachment dawukou district public security bureau command center of the legal system criminal investigation brigade brigade long lake local police station and district public security bureauCommand center Anti-drug brigade city Pass police station Pingluo County Bureau Traffic police brigade Traffic police branch group photo of all police members of the Party Committee of the Traffic police branch team and all departments,Section chief, captains, and the instructor to pose for the traffic police bureau party committee organized group member and each member of the department in its mouth, the traffic police brigade agriculture refers to the traffic police brigade badge yi yi dress dashing motor vehicle management beginner’s mind Mission remains the same sparkling CongJing chapter under the golden ribbon reflect more dazzling full BaoGuoZhi in the set off of purplish blue dress more majestic wearing uniforms, peace is the most beautiful mind people,Is the most beautiful pursuit no regrets, is the most beautiful responsibility loyal to the people, is the most beautiful commitment

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