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Last night (February 19), Health Luzhou reported two new asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in Luzhou, Sichuan Province. The details are as follows: On February 19, 2022, two new asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in Luzhou city were reported.Asymptomatic infected persons 1: workers in furniture factories who often live outside the province.He returned to Luzhou on February 16.On 19 February, novel coronavirus nucleic acid test results were positive and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were diagnosed. They have been transferred to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment.Asymptomatic infected Person 2: a permanent resident of Wuxiangyuan Community, Guanchang Street, Jiangyang District, Luzhou City. She is an employee of a unit in Tongtan Town and the daughter of asymptomatic infected person 1.On 19 February, novel coronavirus nucleic acid test results were positive and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were diagnosed. They have been transferred to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment.The local asymptomatic infected persons arrived in Luzhou by flight CZ5395 at 15:10 on February 16.18:43 Take a bus back to the condition field street home.At 15:00 on February 17, walk to the relatives of Shashu Bridge, And then go to the “Times Furniture City” in The Street of Jingchang.Take private car home at 17:30.At 10:00 on February 18, he went to The Community Health Service Center of Gongchang for nucleic acid test, and did not go out after returning home.The initial nucleic acid screening result was positive at 8:42 on February 19, and the recheck result was positive at 14:23 by Jiangyang District CDC.15:50 The recheck result of municipal CDC was positive.Asymptomatic infected person 2 picked up asymptomatic infected person 1 at 18:30 on February 16 and returned home by car at 18:43.At 7:00 on February 17th, I went to work by bus.At 17:30, take a bus to 181 and 88 Kangzhuang Street, Gongchang to pick up the express and go home.At 7:00 on February 18th, I went to work by bus.Take private car to room 327, 3rd floor, No.6, Xingguang Road, Jiangyang District.11:00 to Jiangyang District Kangning Road “and apricot chestnut chicken” dinner.12:15 return to work by bus.18:45 returned home.At 8:50 on February 19, Jiangyang District Gongchang Community Health Service Center collected nucleic acid samples for her, and the initial screening was positive.15:50 The recheck result of municipal CDC was positive.Up to now, 80 close contacts of asymptomatic infected people have been traced, and all of them have been placed under quarantine.The area where the case had been moving has been subjected to final disinfection.The general public is requested to conduct self-examination immediately against the activities of the above cases. If there is overlap, please report to the community immediately, wear masks, take nucleic acid test as soon as possible, do not take public transport on the way, and strictly follow the rules of staying at home until the results of nucleic acid test come out.On 18 February 2022, the nucleic acid test results of a person from Outside Hainan province in The People’s Hospital of Chengmai County were abnormal.On February 19, the hainan Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the patient was asymptomatic.Chengmai County immediately launched an emergency response plan, and implemented measures such as isolation and control for relevant personnel, control and elimination of relevant sites.Leaders and experts from hainan Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters rushed to the scene immediately to guide the handling of the situation.At present, the personnel has been transferred to a designated hospital for treatment.Preliminary traffic monitoring results showed that the person’s movement path was as follows: On February 17, he took flight MF8341 with negative nucleic acid test certificate to Haikou Meilan International Airport (stopping in Xiamen for 1 hour and 45 minutes) and arrived at Haikou Meilan International Airport at about 14:50.Then the unit car transfer to Chengmai County Jinjiang town minxing community.18:40 Take private car to jinjiang Town Qianqiu Square pick up flavor hall for dinner, after dinner back to Jinjiang Town Minxing community.At 7:40 on February 18, he went to the county People’s Hospital on foot wearing a mask.At 8:55, wait in line at the nucleic acid sampling point of the hospital for sampling. After sampling, walk to the breakfast shop next to the hospital (entrance of the power computer elevator) for breakfast.After dinner, he walked back to Minxing Community of Jinjiang Town and waited for the result. After receiving the notification of abnormal nucleic acid test from the County People’s Hospital, he was immediately transferred to the county People’s Hospital for isolation and medical observation.We urge the public to pay attention to the information released by official authorities, not to panic, believe, spread or fabricate rumors, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control efforts.At the same time, continue to the epidemic prevention and control this alert, maintain protection consciousness, adhere to the scientific and wearing masks, wash your hands often and often ventilated, maintain a safe distance does not gather, the prevention and control measures, such as the good personal hygiene habit, consciously with body temperature measurement, in and out of the public health code inspection and so on epidemic prevention and control work, vaccinations as early as possible will be coronavirus vaccine.If the person has the same time period and track with the person, immediately report to the county CDC and the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters (contact number: 67623539,67611944), and cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic control measures. If the concealment causes serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law;If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea and other symptoms, please take personal protection, go to the fever clinic (clinic) in time, avoid taking public transportation.Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters of Chengmai CountyHaikou City’s center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice on February 19 to look for people who had contact with an asymptomatic infected person outside an airport terminal.According to the epidemiological investigation, a novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection reported in Chengmai County on 19 February was found to have been smoking with four other persons at a close distance between 15:16 and 20:00 on 17 February, about 20m away from gate no. 3 of arrival Hall of T1 Terminal Building in Haikou Meilan International Airport, on the left side of the gate.Please report to the community (village committee) as soon as you see the notice, and take the initiative to contact the local CDC to implement prevention and control measures according to relevant requirements.On February 18, A new asymptomatic case was reported in Hainan province.The person took flight MF8341 from Harbin to Haikou Meilan International Airport on February 17, during which he stopped in Xiamen.The trajectory of Xiamen airport is as follows: disembark from Gate 9 of Terminal T3 at 11:14 on February 17;12:08 departure from the above gate.He entered the smoking room and restroom next to the gate.Anyone who has been to the smoking room and restroom in gate 8 and 9 of Terminal 3 of Xiamen Airport during this period should report to the local CDC.(Xiamen Center for Disease Control and Prevention 0592-2020001, non-local personnel please contact local CDC) Source: CCTV news, Health Luzhou, Chengmai County Rong Media Center, Xiamen CDC editor Xie Ke Sincerely produced by Hangzhou Daily

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