Henan Huaibin: “Lucky money” should have a correct guidance

An aunt in Zhoukou, Henan province, recently reported that she gave her four nephews red envelopes worth 10,000 yuan each, sparking a heated debate online.Although the little aunt is full of love to nephew, but so generous, so that other life is not satisfactory little uncle, aunt……How to wrap red envelopes with lucky money.On the Spring Festival, the elders send a red envelope to the younger generation. It is originally a picture of good luck in the New Year, and it is also a kind of care and blessing from the elders to the younger generation.But in recent years, New Year’s money seems to be a little stale, one thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, let the children in the heart of the young money to compare.Isn’t it?Is henan, New Year’s Eve, a girl because her parents give her New Year’s money is too little, went to the police station to report to the police, uncle told the police, do not want to parents now, can I change my parents?This does not fully show that the New Year’s money in the heart of children has changed quality, but to measure the amount of love adults to children.So that now a child will be elders of the red envelope on the spot open, a little bit unhappy, big back to say thank you……This may not sound like a big deal, but it subtly leads children to money worship.In this regard, families, schools and society should be aware of the correct way to pack the New Year’s money, explain the cultural inheritance of the money and its real connotation, so that the customs and taste of the New Year return to the traditional culture, and do not measure the closeness of elders by the amount of New Year’s money.The elders of the more to play a leading role in the model, the traditional virtues of Chinese culture to carry forward, not everywhere in front of the children show rich ostentatious, to know that there are a lot of poor children in our country, how much their New Year’s money is, there is no New Year’s money.

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