Baojifeng county: retired soldiers from the fad-free war “epidemic” line show responsibility

Baoji News – “Secretary, the recent is a critical period, we must better epidemic prevention propaganda, enhance the public awareness of epidemic prevention and control, implement control measures…”At 7:00 am on March 15, Wu Chao, the liaison officer for epidemic information prevention and control in Kongcoffin Village, Pingkan Town, Fengxian County, called the village branch secretary.As soon as the phone was hung up, Wu Chao dialed the person in charge of the erlihe mine in the town: “Director Li, did the enterprise have any personnel returning from outside today?Who else needs nucleic acid?I’ll call the health center…”After the phone call, Wu did not take a rest. He went to the village to visit the quarantined people and buy supplies for them. Then he went to the quarantine card station to register and verify the information of passers-by.During the epidemic prevention and control period, Wu Chao was busy every day.Wu, who served in the army for 16 years, was assigned to pingkan town in Fengxian County after he retired in September 2018.Since March 6, Wu has been working on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. He is not only the epidemic information liaison officer of Kongqian Village and the contact person for reporting epidemic prevention and control information from 10 mining enterprises in the town, but also the first person to sign up for the transfer team organized by the town’s epidemic prevention and control team, and the full-time driver of the town’s transfer team.Wu chao has been overworked every day since the epidemic prevention and control work began.At 2 o ‘clock in the morning, wu Chao was busy in his brightly lit office.Just lying in bed ready to rest, received feedback from the county headquarters, Wu Chao immediately got up to check…No matter how hard his work is, Wu chao never complains or whines.His new colleagues admired him very much, and everyone joked: “Wu Chao is superman, what difficulty do you have to find Wu Chao?”Talking about the multi-job job, Wu chao said that he was a Party member and a former soldier. When it came to the critical moment, he must be at the forefront and help the villagers do what he could. This is his responsibility and obligation.(Feng Xueli)

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