Accident in the middle of the night!The trailer loaded with 17 tons of fireworks flipped over, thanks to them

Recently, hunan long often northern 33 kilometers east to west direction loading a fireworks vehicle rollover situation is very critical condition after receiving alarm, yiyang detachment command center immediately seconded welcome road secret service station 1 tank truck, car 1 a rescue vehicle, 14 fire rescue workers rushed to the scene to dispose, team attendance headquarters carries out,At the same time, longguangqiao, Huangtuanling fire and rescue station each 1 tanker, 6 fire and rescue personnel to the scene of the accident reinforcements.At 0:56 a.m., fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene of the accident found that the accident vehicle is a trailer loaded with 17 tons of fireworks, no one trapped inside the vehicle, there is no open fire on the scene, but the vehicle battery is not power, oil tank is leaking oil, must be dealt with as soon as possible.Fire and rescue workers immediately evacuated surrounding vehicles and people, while using foam guns to cover the leaking oil tank.At this time, the traffic police to high-speed sections of one-way traffic control, to prevent the occurrence of two accidents.By 3:40 a.m., the fireworks had been removed from the car, and by 4:16 a.m., the overturned car was righted.According to the parties, the cause of the accident is trailer speeding too late to avoid the accident of vehicles ahead together with sleet freezing weather conditions that led to the rollover accident fireworks is not belong to flammable and explosive for ordinary goods transportation details do not pay attention to maybe is the “provocative” move in transport fireworks when drivers must stay steady, keep distance, ensure the safety of the transportation

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