Thompson 38 points +8 3s is a 3 year high!Warrior officials are excited to celebrate

The Golden State Warriors beat the Milwaukee Bucks at home on March 13, Beijing time.Klay Thompson had 38 points, six rebounds and five assists on 15-of-24 shooting, 8-of-14 from 3-point range.Thompson also made eight 3-pointers, prompting an emotional celebration from golden State officials.

In the game, Thompson took many shots from the 3-point line, and it was the first time in three years that Thompson found that kind of form again.He can take a pass from a teammate on the play, go out and shoot from the 3-point line and hit it.

Thompson then picked up the ball on the outside and took a step back and shot from beyond the arc.

In the second quarter, Thompson made 5 of 6 3-pointers and scored 17 points.It was the 10th time in klay’s career that he made at least five 3-pointers in a quarter, which is second only to Curry (31) and Lillard (13) in the past 25 seasons, according to stats.

Thompson’s 36 points were his highest total since a 30-point game against the Rockets in March 2019, and therefore his highest total of the season.

“Klay Thompson!!” they wrote on Twitter.”It’s a dynamic of gratitude to Clay.”

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