Smell order and move, the party flag flying high in the prevention and control line

“When the whistle blows, party members come to their posts.”On March 28, facing the severe epidemic prevention and control in complex situation, Xie Jiaji area of party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres to smell, more than 1000 volunteers into rural party members and cadres and members, the community, the enterprise, with a line at the grass-roots level to do a good job of total nucleic acid detection sampling, build a whole field “red lines”, let the flag fluttered in one line,Let the party emblem shine in a line.”As long as the villagers are safe, no matter how tired we are, it is worth it.” At 8:00 am on March 28, villagers in Shizui Village, Tangshan Town, Xiejiaji District, lined up for the nucleic acid test sampling site under the guidance of village cadres.”Please wear masks, one meter apart, and do not crowd together.”Pei Shifang, the village party secretary, kept telling the villagers that he was joined by more than 10 other party members, their left arms wearing bright red armbands that stood out in the spring sun.”After receiving the instruction from the superior, the village Party branch deployed nucleic acid testing work overnight, and village cadres and party members took the lead to inform each household of the matters for attention in testing and sampling, and tried to do the work thoroughly and carefully.”Pei Shifang on the sinking of the district party committee organization department comrade introduced: “from last night to now, the village cadres and some party members have been working for more than ten hours, but we have no complaints, as long as the villagers are safe, no matter how tired we are, it is worthwhile!””Although this meal to eat very late, but very sweet” 48 points, 14 PM in Xie Jiaji street garden community in the room, the bin with 59 nucleic acid testing samples to the streets after staff, party secretary Zhao Zexu garden community and only a few volunteers sat down for lunch, a lunch box, simply have no heat,But everyone ate happily.”We have been so busy since 6 am that 22 volunteers in the community have not even had time to drink, and now we have finally completed nucleic acid sampling of more than 2,000 households.””A good meal does not fear late,” Zhao told reporters with a smile.The meal was very late, but delicious!”On the table, the reporter saw that there were several unopened boxes of lunch.Zhao zexu said, “This is for the volunteers who are still in the house. We will take a bite first and replace them later.”At 16:00, after nucleic acid test sampling in Hexi community, Liyingzi town, Wang Heqiang, a volunteer party member, invited other volunteers to take a picture together, leaving an “unforgettable” moment to overcome difficulties together.”We came to help after we received the community mobilization yesterday.Community officials worked with us all night to set up tents, move tables and chairs, and prepare sampling equipment, until 11 o ‘clock at night.I am very tired but happy to have completed my mission.Hexi community party secretary gowland said: “after receiving the total nucleic acid testing notification, community volunteers more than 20 members will take the initiative to come over to help, including locking loyal and Wang Heqin such couples party members, their service before and after running, I was very moved, and with the support of the party members, our community family, there is no can’t overcome difficulties.”In the lobby of hongtai Iron and Steel office building at 17:11 p.m., workers were taking nucleic acid samples after finishing work on the production line.Hongtai Iron and Steel Company party branch members, union chairman Zhang Fenglian told reporters: “In order to do a more solid epidemic prevention work, without leaving any blank spots, the company party branch organized party members and workers to take the lead in implementing epidemic prevention requirements, with the company’s relevant departments to do a good job of nucleic acid testing sampling work for all staff to ensure full coverage.The next step, we will actively play the role of the party branch of the battle fort, go all out to serve the company’s production and management, to protect the health and safety of all workers.””Sinking line, we are the first line” in the interview, Xiejiaji District Party Committee organization department responsible comrade said: “After the Municipal Party committee organization Department issued the ‘community whistle, party members report for duty’ mobilization, we immediately organized in-service party members to go to the grass-roots line to participate in epidemic prevention and control, with practical actions to fulfill the original mission.The reporter learned in the interview, at present, Xie Jiagi district has a total of more than 400 organ party member cadres sinking line, the realization of the entire district village and community full coverage.The region has set up 21 Commandos and more than 100 demonstration posts for Party members, and has provided more than 2,000 volunteer services such as epidemic prevention publicity, guard duty, and nucleic acid testing and sampling services.”In epidemic prevention and control, the Party organization is the backbone, and party members and cadres are the main force. We will strictly implement the deployment requirements of the CPC Municipal Committee, actively play the role of party organizations as battle fortors and party members as pioneers and exemplary, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for winning the battle against the epidemic.”Xiejiaji district committee organization department responsible comrade said: “sinking line, we are the first line!”Reporter Su Qiang correspondent Liu Gang statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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