Shaanxi Ningqiang economic investigation uncovered a leading organization of pyramid selling activities

New media online network news (Zheng Bing Xia Heng) February 14, Shaanxi Ningqiang County public Security Bureau economic investigation brigade investigated an organization, leadership pyramid selling activities case, captured a criminal suspect, destroy a network pyramid selling organization.Since the launch of the “Spring Offensive” special operation, according to the deployment and instruction of the Cloud system cluster campaign of the Ministry of Public Security, a key target of the attack in Yangpingguan Town of our county, Xue xx, was involved.On February 10, Ningqiang economic investigation team combined with the “advance, knowledge, solution” activities, the use of the Spring Festival people to return home and reunion of the favorable opportunity, in-depth to the area of Yangpingguan town to visit the platoon, learned that Xue has gone to Chengdu on February 8.Through the village cadres and their parents in the law and policy propaganda, On February 14, the suspect Xue, under the advice of his relatives and friends, took the initiative to the Public Security Bureau of Ningqiang County to surrender, and confessed to his suspected organization, leadership of pyramid selling activities illegal criminal facts.At present, the case is under further investigation.

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