James derozan bumps his chest to celebrate the shot, lakers fans sour, missed opportunity to regret

Derozan celebrated with James when he hit a game-winning shot in the All-Star Game, a moment that left many Lakers fans wondering how much better it would have been in a Lakers game.Sure, the Lakers had an opportunity to sign demar derozan, but it ended up with Westbrook.Now derozan is no. 1 with the Bulls, it’s a shame James and derozan didn’t join forces.This All-Star game, James is not looking for a lot of scoring, but when it matters, he can step up.In the game-winning fourth quarter, Embiid showed an MVP-like attitude, scoring and leading his team.Instead, Lebron James, Giannis antetokounmpo and demar derozan stepped up.Embiid was blocked inside by Allen and James, giannis antetokounmpo contributed offensively and defensively, and demar derozan was able to score, giving James game point.James’ own fadeaway jumper sealed the victory, giving the team its fifth straight win since the All-Star game.After James shot, derozan and James were chest-bumping in celebration, a moment of heroism.For James to enjoy the moment, the fans laughed and said he was hitting three birds with one stone.One was winning the game, two was helping Curry win the MVP, and three was holding a 52-point scoring record for Eyebrows.After the All-Star game, James will return to the Lakers to face a bigger test, Bryant injured, he and Westbrook to lead the team to the playoffs.After seeing James and derozan celebrate, many Lakers fans wondered how great it would have been if James and derozan had joined forces with the Lakers, but now that’s not possible, we can only expect Westbrook and James to work together more and lead the team to the next level.

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