He got all the secrets of the military password, set a great success, after the liberation is just a small section

“That have what time quiet good, but is someone for you to carry the load forward.”We enjoy a peaceful, stable social environment, then because there are countless heroes silently guarding us, they do not for fame and wealth, risking their lives, silently guarding their beloved motherland and people.In the modern war, the Chinese nation faced an unprecedented challenge of life and death, there are countless Chinese sons and daughters fighting in the front line of bullets, there are also countless people guarding in the darkest place, risking their lives, fighting in the heart of the enemy, engaged in underground intelligence work.Wu Rongsen is one of them, strange to him, but he had to get all the secrets of the military password, set a great feat, Wu Rongsen’s story is also worth our generations.In 1927, Wu Rongsen was born in Anqiu County, Shandong Province. In 1943, Wu Rongsen participated in revolutionary work, and joined the Communist Party of China in 1945. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, he had been on the front line of Resistance against Japanese aggression, participated in the war, and also held an important position in the Party selection work.At that time, Wu Rongsen’s main working place was in Qingdao. At the beginning of 1947, the battle of Liberation of Qingdao was approaching, and the CPC Central Committee sent Wu Rongsen to infiltrate the enemy. Qingdao Party organization also gave wu Rongsen and others the task of the second hidden front.Kuomintang navy headquarters personnel staff Xie Masako is five Senrong once radio study class students’ father, Wu Rongsen intends to take him as a breakthrough quickly into the work, so Wu Rongsen often go to the classmate’s home, to play a good relationship with Xie Masako.Xie pockmarked wife want a gold bracelet, Wu Rongsen keen found Ms. Xie this requirement under the auspices of brother-in-law in strange after bought a bracelet to Ms. Xie, xie lady very happy, at the same time Wu Rongsen also got the favour of xie is pitted, and with the help of an underground comrades, Wu Rongsen cheng-nan chang with the kuomintang officers boarded the relationship, under the recommendations of the cheng-nan chang,Wu Rongsen succeeded in gaining Pockmarked Xie’s trust.Wu Rongsen passed the exam that becomes telecommunication officer with excellent result, found oneself once radio teacher forged a certificate that once served as lieutenant telecommunication officer again, solved all sorts of difficulties, Wu Rongsen succeeded in becoming kuomintang internal telecommunication officer.Tact to get a new password want to be rooted in the enemy inside, dig out more, more useful information, it is necessary to do a good job in the enemy inside the interpersonal relationship, hide their identity, earn more people’s trust, so as long as there is time Wu Rongsen invited “colleagues” party, among which there is no lack of nature engaged in confidential affairs.Through Wu Rongsen’s painstaking management, he can be in the office arbitrarily browsed all sorts of documents, for the party organization passed out numerous valuable information, the secret password of the enemy is changed two years, the password of the opportunity that changes a password to obtain the enemy became Wu Rongsen’s next main job.Wu Rongsen opportunity and lushan, confidential secretary guo-hua liu do well the relations, set out to guo-hua liu mouth all ship captain to receive a new password information, guo-hua liu says the confidential documents should be to pick up on July 1, whether the person will be in nanjing headquarters receive the lushan guo-hua liu said captain timid, don’t want to go to get.Hear here Wu Rongsen plan by heart, intend to let Liu Guohua to claim, Wu Rongsen soft and hard finally let Liu Guohua agreed to get the new password, the final success will be “navy confidential password” “Army confidential password” and “Air Force confidential password” to Wu Rongsen hands.Subsequently, Wu Rongsen and the Communist Party of China traffic member Lv Xiucheng union to find a way to disguise the password in the grave when the paper money, just escaped the guard of the Kuomintang army inspection, the password successfully passed out, the new password to the PLA next battle made an important contribution, Wu Rongsen et al also receive the organization of the award.In the spring of 1948, Qingdao underground Party committee prepared to prepare the radio station, the organization will be this important task to master the radio technology of Wu Rongsen, by the underground party comrades Wu Rongsen, Huang Zhenyuan, Xu Baoguang radio group, Wu Rongsen as the leader.In order not to attract the attention of Kuomintang agents, Wu rongsen did not buy ready-made motors, or even materials from a electronics store, but chose to buy bits and pieces of radio materials from the junk market and assemble them himself.After repeated attempts, in Wu Rongsen under the joint efforts of team members, and radio station equipment complete, radio chose three hidden Wu Rongsen back address, but the assembly stations often appear quality problem, cause most of the time the cable is difficult to send out, Wu Rongsen and radio team members try their best to raise money, bought a receiver from the hand of the classmate.In September 1948, the People’s Liberation Army launched the autumn offensive. Jinan was the focus of Chiang Kai-shek’s defense, and had been dubbed the “Golden city of Tangchi” by the Kuomintang, but with the joint efforts of the PLA soldiers and underground comrades, the battle of Jinan won the final victory.At that time, Qingdao was filled with white terror, and the Kuomintang “would rather kill 100 people by mistake than let one go.”Wantonly searching communists, destroy communist radio, Wu Rongsen and other people try their best to hide their identity below such high pressure, protect the safety of radio.In 1949, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army launched the Qingdao Battle, the liberation of Qingdao is imminent.Qingdao city kuomintang more unscrupulous arrest of the Communist party, Wu Rongsen and others plan to quickly transfer the radio.But that day just a Chiang Kai-shek delayed a week to withdraw from Qingdao military information to the hands of Wu Rongsen, Wu Rongsen deeply know the importance of this information, immediately decided to stop transferring the radio, immediately send information.That day, as visible enemy surveillance cars approached and the other side of the station asked for checks, the entire radio team was ready to die.In the most critical moment, Wu Rongsen completed the sending of information, radio team members in the first time to turn off the machine, burned the telegram draft and password this, pick up weapons ready to fight, fortunately, the enemy did not discover the radio, they also successfully escaped.Subsequently, Wu Rongsen successfully transferred the radio, is in the successful transfer of that day, the original location of the storage station was destroyed by the enemy, in the Battle of Qingdao, through Wu Rongsen’s radio transmitted a number of important information, Wu Rongsen also made a great contribution to the liberation of Qingdao.After the founding of new China, as a person of Qingdao city public security bureau political security Wu Rongsen clerk, and then served as the municipal party committee of the communist party of China Qingdao ZuZhiKe clerk, also served as the deputy director of the center station in Qingdao science and technology commission, deputy director of the institute of semiconductor, Qingdao, Qingdao sea water by integrated application of such important position, director, he is still in his post, for the construction of the motherland.Summary: On September 12, 2018, Wu Rongsen died of illness in Qingdao at the age of 91, ending his brilliant and legendary life.Intelligence is not only to hide their identity within the enemy, but also try their best to transfer information, work in the enemy headquarters, wrestle with the enemy, against the huge psychological pressure, they are the shadows of the unknown hero, also for the establishment of new China established the immortal feats, also worthy of our praise and praise.

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