Handan Renaissance District | “three demolition, four governance and five promotion”

Three demolition, four treatment and Five Promotion – Great Beauty Revitalization – Revitalization Area carries out the action of “three demolition, four treatment and five promotion”, and makes unremitting efforts to improve urban construction and energy level, and expand the space for high-quality development.”Three demolition” is the demolition of abnormal construction enclosure, demolition of illegal buildings, demolition of private construction;”Four cures” is to renovate old residential areas, renovate old buildings, renovate old pipe network and regulate the real estate market order;The “five upgrades” are to improve the level of road access, the level of environmental sanitation, the quality of landscaping, drainage and waterlogging prevention, and the quality of characteristic blocks.On February 16, Shengli Bridge Street actively promoted the “three demolition, four treatment and five promotion” work, demolition of 16 illegal buildings in Baishida community, a total of 300 square meters, and timely wet sweep, sprinkling operations, to ensure that the road without dust.Insist on “zero tolerance” to private construction, actively carry out inspection, discover together, stop together, dismantle together.On February 16, Xiyuan street adhere to the iron responsibility, iron wrist, iron discipline, breaking the hard, but also the public in the people, do the demolition while governance, according to local conditions planning after demolition repair work, improve the living environment, improve the area of the face, expand the space for economic development.On February 14, Pengjiazhai township continued to promote the “three demolition, four treatment and five promotion” work, strengthen the intensity of the row, so that the bottom number is clear, the goal is clear, to ensure the implementation of the work of fine.On February 16, Pangcun street organized personnel to the community, continued investigation, focus on the key, steady word, word dismantling first, and constantly improve the area of the environment.Source: Renaissance of great Beauty

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