Facing the spring breeze, together to the future!

Cheers for the Chinese athletes!Bravo to China!9 Gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze!This is China’s best record in winter Olympics.Every medal condenses the sweat of the Chinese team athletes, but also conveys the struggle temperament of the Olympic athletes who have the courage to surpass themselves.No matter will be “Ling” extremely, or “yi” overview of the mountains small, no matter “Xin Yue” combination “only this green”, or “green bucket” combination across the “golden bridge”……Looking back at the past 17 days, people have seen “ice and Snow White” and “Chinese red” again and again, felt the speed and passion again and again, and shouted and cheered for the Olympic athletes.Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has stressed that “achievement is not only about whether we can win or how many MEDALS we can get, but also about embodying the Olympic spirit of unremitting self-improvement, overcoming and surpassing ourselves.”From Qiu Leng wrote on the palm of his hand “old wu cheer”, to Jia Zongyang tears while applauding teammates;From Fan Kexin kissing the ice, to Gao Hongbo laughing at the game’s lowest 15 points…What has touched the hearts of these Winter Olympics is not just the spirit to defy the odds and the enduring love of ice and snow, but also the humanity that transcends victory and the patriotism that comes out of it.Gratifying is, The Chinese young athletes in this Winter Olympics show spirit, let a person sit up and take notice.Yang Yang, the famous athlete who won China’s first Winter Olympic gold medal 20 years ago, said, “The younger generation is more confident, more free and eager to express themselves than we were then.”A stronger China will give the younger generation greater confidence, and an open and inclusive China will make the younger generation more inclusive and confident.To present to the world a vibrant China and a hospitable Chinese people.Many years later, the Beijing Winter Olympics in the memory of the world, there must be a Chinese Olympic athletes to ride the dust, there must be Claudia Pechstein eight times to compete in the Winter Olympics, there must be Hanyu Yuanyu even if failure to the limit to attack…This is the wonderful legacy of the Beijing Winter Olympics.If the 17 days of perfect presentation “condensed” the Beijing Winter Olympics, then the support of the perfect 17 days is more than six years of preparation.Since Beijing won the bid to host the winter Olympics in 2015, China has fully honored every promise and committed itself to “delivering a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympics to the world”.The great practice of “bringing 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” has become the most important legacy of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Under the guidance of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, “snow” and “ice and snow” have appeared everywhere in China, from “South Exhibition, West expansion, East expansion” to “four seasons hot”.People see that ice and snow sports are becoming a fashion lifestyle loved by Chinese people.People also see that the mass ice and snow sports are becoming a beautiful landscape of “healthy China”.China’s remarkable achievements in winter sports have opened a new era not only for ice and snow sports in China, but also for winter sports around the world.The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first Olympic Games since the promulgate of Olympic Agenda 2020 to comprehensively plan and manage the Olympic legacy from the beginning of preparations.The rich legacy of the Beijing Winter Olympics spans seven areas: sports, economy, society, culture, environment and urban and regional development.These major achievements not only provide benchmarking for the successors, but also help carry forward the Olympic spirit and spread the Olympic culture.We will guide social progress and promote exchanges and mutual learning among diverse cultures.The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first comprehensive global sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19.A total of 2,877 athletes from 91 countries and regions participated in the Games. More than 30 state leaders and heads of international organizations attended the opening ceremony.All these perfectly illustrate the “Together for the Future” theme of this Winter Olympics.”Without the support of the Chinese people, the Beijing Winter Olympics could not have achieved such remarkable success.”International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach awarded the Olympic Cup to all the Chinese people to thank them for their outstanding contribution to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message that people of any nation, nation or religion can transcend their differences and achieve unity and cooperation,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games were held as scheduled, and the Winter Olympic Venues became China’s “meeting room”. China’s successful hosting of the Olympics not only expanded its circle of friends, but also gathered the confidence and determination of the international community to work together to overcome difficulties.China’s ideas and solutions are increasingly recognized by the world, and the “circle of friends” for mutual benefit is expanding. This reflects the aspiration of the people and the trend of The Times.If the Message of the Olympic torch is unity and recovery, the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has injected vigor and vitality into people coming together and moving forward.As Abdullah Shahid, President of the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly, said: “In the face of uncertainties caused by COVID-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics will help demonstrate human resilience, solidarity and pursuit of happiness, and will be an important opportunity to promote global solidarity, peace and human creativity beyond geopolitics.”Now that vision is a reality.From “Thank You, China and the Olympic family, for hosting the Winter Olympics in such difficult times” to “always remember a strong and friendly China” to “The Beijing Winter Olympics provided a platform for us to enhance friendship and show solidarity”, especially the “two-way flow” of athletes and volunteers.Every simple words, all express the essence of unity;Every vivid detail represents the dream of “moving to the future together”.Breaking the ice and snow, chasing the dream of the future.Through the Beijing Winter Olympics, the world is increasingly aware that the Olympic Movement carries mankind’s beautiful pursuit of peace, unity and progress.The Hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has brought us together under the Olympic flag. It has not only vividly demonstrated the New Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger, More United”, but also provided a broad platform for us to enhance friendship and show solidarity.”I believe that with our joint efforts, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will go down in history as a simple, safe and splendid Olympic event,” Xi said at the welcome banquet for Beijing 2022.No matter how the years change, the world will remember the simple, safe and splendid games, the sincere friendship and hospitality of the Chinese people, and the strength and wisdom of China demonstrated in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Unity is strength, common progress is the future!The End of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Olympic spirit will never end, the world hand in hand, the Olympic spirit will live on because of unity and love!Source: CCTV News

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