China’s top ten outstanding universities: Tsinghua a ride dust-crushing Peking University, Wu University was not listed

China’s top ten outstanding universities: Tsinghua a ride dust-crushing Peking University, Wu University was not listed.At the beginning and end of each year, some universities in China and abroad are released, such as the National Alumni Association University Rankings, which attracts a lot of discussion. Below is a list of the best universities in China, and here we mainly introduce the top ten universities.China university of science and technology university rankings to various university rankings, finally reached a conclusion that the ranking results, we can see that the list of the top two undoubtedly was dominated by tsinghua university and Peking University, also accord with tsinghua Beijing university position in the heart of Chinese, however, tsinghua university is very attractive, faw white beat the north with impressive 94.6 points,Opening a gap of nearly 20 points, it can be seen that Tsinghua University has an advantage in the comprehensive evaluation system of this list, and there are new name changes in the top ten list.The top 10 universities in China are:Tsinghua university, Beijing university, zhejiang university, Shanghai jiaotong university, fudan university, China university of science and technology, huazhong university of science and technology, nanjing university, sun yat-sen university, Harbin university institute of 10 staff, among them, huazhong university of science and technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, and the name of the three 985 university zhongshan university appeared in the top 10, let a lot of surprise,Find these three universities in the top 10.University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), which has been overlooked in many rankings alongside Tsinghua university and 985 key university Peking University, deserves its place in the top five. The biggest surprise is not the new top 10.It’s wuhan University, which we know is historically rare, dropping out of the top 10.In the university, wuhan university has been ranked in the top 10, nearly two years into the national top five, even this time, he no top 10, visible, wuhan university, also need to continue to work hard on the scientific research and academic research, the top 10 in the university, we can see another characteristic is in science and engineering university is very attractive, for example, the traditional strong effective in science and engineering course,University of Technology of China, Harbin Institute of Technology and University of Science and Technology of China are in the top 10.In fact, it is not uncommon to see different rankings because each ranking is constrained by the evaluation engine, so university rankings are not a measure of the quality of a university. What do you think of this list?

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