2-0, mahrez’s spot-kick and De Braunay’s push put Manchester City 12 points clear of Liverpool

Manchester City, winners of the Uefa Champions League and seven-time winners of the English premier League, will face 14th-placed Brentford at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday morning.Before the Manchester city last 10 games in all 9 win 1 draw, the condition is quite good, they are now nine points ahead of Liverpool, but they played a game more than Liverpool, Manchester city can’t relax, all competitions encountered brentford last five games with 5 in a row, state is quite weak, they are also more and more close to the relegation zone,At this stage they are just seven points above the relegation zone and are likely to avoid relegation, but it must be remembered that they are a stumbling block to Arsenal this season, having beaten them in the first round, so city cannot be taken lightly.The home of Manchester city out of the 433 by adelson, stone, Mach les, Germany jointly led by starting within her, and blessed, rodrigo, Ruben diaz, sterling also got a chance to start, in addition to pull poulter, candy arcelor, bernardo silva also starts to battle together, and the 352 by brentford,By Gedos, Kanos, Rico – Henry, Pinochle co-lead the starting, while Jensen, Pontus, Raya, Norgao also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Oneca, Mays, Ayeh also started together.City took the lead in the 38th minute when Mahrez hit the top left corner of the net from the penalty spot after Sterling was brought down by a defender.The game in the 69th minute, De Braunay pushed the ball, City increased the advantage.City went on to win, leaving them with 60 points, 12 points clear of second-placed Liverpool.

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