Who put who seriously: Zhao Jinxin into the play too deep, do not know, Shao Qun was invited parents

When one acts too long, it’s possible to get too involved in the play and take one’s script for the real thing.Wandering between reality and fantasy, what is true and what is false?Zhao Jinxin’s cousin gave him a task, drag Li Shuo as far as possible to understand his every move, to ensure that the person will not threaten themselves.Shao Qun has the self-confidence that fascinates, his life is the first chicken feather, still firmly believe Zhao Jinxin can complete the task smoothly.Zhao Jinxin acting is very serious, while trying to get The trust of Lisshuo to listen to how he plans to deal with Shao Qun, while worrying that this person will be a trouble.Turns out you’re the one in trouble.Li Shuo had seen through zhao Jinxin’s two contradictory characteristics, on the one hand, when his father was in danger, regardless of personal danger to save his life, and took the risk to send him to the hospital.On the other hand, he was smiling on his face, but inside he was refusing himself very much.Li Shuo does not expose Zhao Jinxin’s tricks.If you want to do it, let’s watch it!But on this mission, there was another Humphrey.Li Shuo 12 years did not meet the old classmates, this person and Shao Qun and no intersection, will not pose a threat, but he heard the glorious deeds of Zhao Jinxin, may have a negative impact on their own.Li Shuo has a high emotional quotient, a generous amount of people, often help others, so can have so many friends.When he found That Li Chengxiu was forcibly taken away, know that he is unable to reason with the goose.So he invited shao Qun’s family out. Shao Qun’s father was a bad-tempered man and lectured his son on the spot.”Pa” Li Chengxiu was rescued.Li Shuo wanted to help Cheng Xiu away from the head, but Li Chengxiu did not want to give him trouble, so he told Li Shuo he was old, do not think of another place to start again.But is it really so?If you have never thought about it, why do you prepare foreign language books for going abroad?After Li Shuo went abroad, Li Chengxiu disappeared, and now finally know his news.He wanted to confirm whether Cheng Xiu is safe, but Shao Qun is difficult to deal with.Shao qun’s mother died early and her father was too busy to take care of himself, so she was basically raised by her sister.This time, Li Shuo please shao Wen came to help, Zhao Jinxin volunteered and Li Shuo went to visit Li Chengxiu.Zhao Jinxin once asked Shao Qun, why to send their own implementation of this task?Because you are the best candidate!Li Shuo knew Zhao Jinxin was acting, just as an adult, he did not care about it.However, when he heard the conversation between Shao Qun and Zhao Jinxin, he felt his dignity had been trampled to the ground and was very angry.In the 188 series, it seems that there are few weak figures.Although Li Chengxiu family is not good, to treat a disease to the mother, he beseeched everywhere to borrow money also did not change the life of the mother, but he did not give up life to earn money to repay debts.Even if he was deaf in one ear, he did not doubt life.
Although zhao Jinxin seems cheerful and lively, he is always smiling.In fact, he is in poor health and accident-prone.He is not in a certain psychological state, because he was kidnapped as a child, so he is prone to childhood trauma in a dark environment.Shao Qun in the eyes of his cousin is the best, even slag to find a good reason for him.If Cho geum-shin is injured, he may die young because his body cannot stop bleeding, so he may have no future at all.As a warm heart big brother, Li Shuo always tries his best to help those who are helpless.But in the eyes of Shao Qun, Li Shuo is a selfish person, once beyond their expectations will not hesitate to change strategy.Shao Qun is not li Shuo asked a few home long?That’s not selfish, okay?It’s called education.Maybe life is different, some people not only have a good birth, but also from the family love openly, while some people have nothing, but also bear the responsibility from the family.But no matter which case, life is their own, good times and bad are to rely on their own to walk through.Duanmuli and exhibition tianbai game 5 years later, 31 years old king right to the court, the enemy general for slave 3 slag king: Junxuanxiao cold-blooded reason, Li Guangning people ruthless words, Duanmuli abdomen black proud tianzi slave, Xie Erbao 2 degrees out of the palace, can go home smoothly?

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