Suining tax workers devote themselves to “epidemic” line and build “blue protective wall”

“I’m a Party member, count me in!”Fu Haiyan, director of the Party Construction Department of the Tax Bureau of Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone of the State Administration of Taxation, was the first to sign up for the volunteer recruitment as soon as the notice was released.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic made Suining almost press the “pause button”.To go all out to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, and suining city by rapidly to form a district of revenue tax volunteer service, the first time to sink to the community and epidemic prevention ZhiQinDian, nucleic acid testing point epidemic prevention and control, such as the first line, take concrete actions to reveal the epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility “is the command of high political consciousness, bear with loyalty and build a” blue protective wall “protect people’s health.”Please wear masks, pay attention to the yellow line under your feet, keep a distance of one meter, get your ID cards ready, open the health code, and cooperate with the nucleic acid test.”On the evening of April 6, stony brook in nine lotus street east nucleic acid testing point, by the open area tax bureau of the party member cadre Xu Xin dressed in a red waistcoat, ongoing work order channel, from 8 PM until 2 am the next day, he took pains told every one to do the citizens of nucleic acid detection, lost my voice still adhere to the “fire”.When asked if he found it hard, he said firmly, As a tax executive, the more difficult it is, the more you have to take the lead.As the night gets dark, the nucleic acid citizens have formed a long queue under the guidance of volunteers. In the bustling queue, the busy figures of tax volunteers can be seen everywhere. They shuttle among the crowd to assist in the queue guidance, nucleic acid registration, and maintenance of order.”Kids obediently put on masks, oh, good mother’s hand.””Eldest brother, why don’t you wear a mask when you go out?Please wait for a moment while I get a mask for you. Be sure to take good personal protection!”Liu Haijun, a young cadre of the “post-90s” generation, was patient and meticulous in providing help to people with low awareness of prevention and control, and undertook the work of order maintenance and on-site elimination.”Hello, I will help you open the health code, trip code.”Yin Jun, a former military officer, saw elderly citizens and migrant workers with their mobile phones at a loss and offered to help them scan their codes.”Thank you.”Verification successful citizens thanks to say.”You’re welcome. I’m proud to have contributed to the epidemic prevention and control.”Though he has been working for more than ten hours, he still sticks to his post and doesn’t want to rest.Rush to the critical moment, crisis moment is clear.There are still many such volunteers in the tax system of Suining Economic zone.According to statistics, at present the suining by the open area and tax systems have thousands of people down to the street community, into the epidemic prevention and control, completes the bayonet unattended, check registration, nucleic acid detection and so on concrete work, with their own “hard index” for the “comfort index” of the masses, contributing to the city to “reset” with “tax power”.Yu Peihua and Zhang Zhongyin

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