New Year go grass-roots | “town experts” New Year revitalization busy

On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, wang Yiyu and his family drove to the Bikeguan Art Museum in Wawuzhuang Village, Dashuipo Town, Wendeng District, to visit the exhibition of jiaodong folk culture and art exchange, which is being held.”This is the life of the elder generation. It reminds me of the Spring Festival when I was a child.”Looking at the cartoon, Wang Yiyu said.This year is the third Spring Festival that Yan Chuanming, the chief expert of Wawuzhuang Village and founder of China Cartoon Village, has spent in Wawuzhuang Village.In addition to raising money with the “new villagers” to send pork to the “old villagers”, to help the “new villagers” who can not come back from other places to paste Spring Festival couplets, he also has an important job — every day on duty at the Bikeguan Art Museum, to welcome the citizens who come to visit.In the museum, more than 100 pieces of cartoon paper-cut works full of thick New Year flavor are displayed one by one, and visitors are coming in an endless stream, which makes Yan Chuanming see in the eyes of joy in the heart, from time to time to send a circle of friends “show off” once.This vision was born in 2018.At that time, Yan Chuanming alone chuai cartoon dream came to this traditional ancient village, proposed to create a cartoon village, more than 20 party members in the village with full cooperation.Since then, the term manga has come to be associated with The village.”Ink painting · Local · Watch” — Jia Pingxi Ink Painting Art Exhibition, China (Weihai) International Cartoon Art Exhibition, “Tile House New Characters” — the first contemporary ink painting art exhibition in China Cartoon Village…A series of high-level exhibitions gave Wawuzhuang village the title of “Chinese cartoon Village”, attracting cartoon lovers from all over the country to “punch in” here.This year in particular, comics have brought a special flavor to the Spring Festival in Wa Wa Zhuang Village.”I used to chat with my neighbors in front of the house when I had nothing to do, but now I can see the works of experts without going far away.”Wang Bingxun, a 78-year-old villager, invited his friends to the exhibition.In his eyes, reading comics has become an indispensable part of the festival.Besides “old fans”, comic village also attracts many young people.Inside the Bikeguan Art Museum, a group of teenagers are clatteringaround the creation of fen god and Kunbiao, a cartoon character in Wawuzhuang village xi Shen, a two-yuan comic book about wawuzhuang village.”It is expected that Qiu Chuji (an animation version), a cartoon character in Qi Village Xi Shen, will also be able to meet all of you in April!”Yan chuanming said they are applying for the title of “Home of Chinese Comics” for Wendeng, hoping to tell weihai stories to people through creating a cultural brand image of “Jies village xi Shen”, so that people will come to Wawuzhuang Village, pay attention to And fall in love with Weihai Wendeng.In addition to creating cultural IP, Yan chuanming also transfers old houses in the village offline to transform them into characteristic b&Bs and build art galleries.In the village 500 years of ginkgo tree to prepare for the establishment of about 600 square meters of Zheng Xuanguo school, through the transformation of the old house in the village, the construction of cartoon hall, cartoon small courtyard, Wendeng village memory museum, placed the exhibition of Zhang Leping, Ding Cong, Shao Xiangying, Yu Changwei and other classic cartoon works……The four venues echo the Bikeguan Art Museum from a distance to empower wawuzhuang Village’s rural revitalization.”We are actively building industries such as Traditional Chinese culture education, cartoon and ink art in the village, and building themed home stays, academies, research and study tour camps, cultural and agricultural innovation Spaces, so that people can experience the rapid revitalization and development of the village both online and offline.”Yan chuanming said.In his plan, Wawuzhuang Village, standing at a new starting point, will strive to move towards a new “poetry and distance” : to build China’s first art village with its own theme IP and complete cultural and creative industry system.(Hi Weihai client reporter Gong Ziyuan/photo provided by interviewees) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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