Meet ice and snow, come together | Handan County: mountain ski resort more happy Spring Festival

With the approaching of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games spawned the ice and snow sports upsurge in Handan Cixian Tianbao Village Scenic area using the natural advantages of the mountain to build a ski resort during the Spring Festival attracted a large number of tourists to ski, tourists Tian Kaixin talking about the feeling of skiing in one word: cool!Just this year is the Beijing Winter Olympics want to test skiing tourists Wang Zenghao said skiing in the mountains, and the venue inside is very different from very exciting I am here for the Winter Olympics refueling, help!Tianbao village resort covers an area of more than 6000 square meters set up play snow area, ski area, circle area is over 160 meters of junior ski and snow circle area 90 meters of magic carpet and other supporting facilities, let people enjoy skiing experience diverse visitors cai-xia wang said during the Spring Festival I’m very happy to be with the children to play with children experience the ice and snow sports stimulus for the games come on!Handan TV reports

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