Heaven full, full of qi and blood

There is an old saying that “physiognies are born from the mind”, which means that everyone’s physiognies reflect their corresponding physical and psychological states. For example, a healthy and cheerful person is usually full of heaven, red and bright in physiognies.On the contrary, a person who is sick or distressed is usually gloomy and frowning. In fact, most of them are unhappy.When a man’s blood is always abundant and flowing, his brow glows, and his blood is uniform and full.This is what people often call “heaven full”.Yintang point is located on the road line of Du Meridian, between Shenting point and su Liao Point.It has the effect of tranquilizing, dispersing wind and relieving pain and awakening brain.There may be some medical grounds for the ancients to believe that those who had full and glowing prints were “lucky” and those who had dark prints were “unlucky”.Yintang is the small area between our eyebrows.It’s very sensitive, and we can point a finger at it a few millimeters away, and without touching it, you’ll feel it, and over time, you’ll get dizzy.Why is Yintang so sensitive?Because the yintang this area, is the collection of several major meridians of the human body: the foot sun bladder meridian from the inner corner of the eye, the foot Yangming stomach meridian from the side of the nose, through the Yintang, ren pulse also from the middle of the yintang through.As we know, the bladder passes through the Yang qi of the host, the Yin of the renmai of the host, the stomach is more qi and blood, and the forehead also directly corresponds to the Yang Ming meridian of the foot.Not only the Yin Tang, but also the whole forehead, is an external symbol of human qi and blood.The best yintang is white and red, but if it is particularly red, it means that the lung is hot and the lung fire is flourishing.If it goes white, it is blood deficiency or qi deficiency.Blue is blood stasis;Yin Tang most taboo black, which means that may be suffering from serious diseases.White pear raw eating can clear lung heat, to real fire, cooked eating can raise lung Yin, empty fire;White radish raw can clear lung heat, cough, cooked can moisten lung phlegm;Raw lotus root can clear heat and moisten lung, cooked can nourish Yin lung.The condition of Yintang directly reflects whether the human body is sufficient in qi and blood and can adjust its physical condition. Why can Yintang reflect qi and blood condition?Yintang can be seen from the human body in a short term qi and blood condition, from the forehead can be seen in a long period of human qi and blood situation.When we are full of energy and blood, the Yin Tang will be full;When our qi and blood are running smoothly, the Yin Tang will glow slightly red.On the contrary, when qi and blood are insufficient, our yintang will sag slightly, and when qi and blood are not running smoothly, the yintang will be dark.Therefore, when the Yin Tang sinks and darkens, it is when the qi and blood in our body are insufficient or not free.Qi and blood affect our resilience, image, temperament and mood, which in turn determine whether we are “lucky” or “unlucky”.When qi and blood are insufficient or not smooth, people will become slightly dull, and their reaction ability to the external environment will be poor. Therefore, it is easy to have accidents.For example, when driving, clearly see in front of a bicycle across the road, full of energy and blood, eye disease and quick hands of the people will brake the car or skillfully from the bike around the past, almost frightened.Lack of blood and qi, at this time may be about to play a leng shen, as a result, 0.1 seconds of delay, an accident, it is not unlucky?When qi and blood are insufficient or not free, people’s temperament has changed, their spirit is less, their affinity is weak, and the printing hall is blue, which makes people feel that the person has a bad luck on his face.In this way, it is easy to give others a bad impression, thus affecting their own work.People with good energy and blood are different. You see his face is red and he has a bright smile. Everyone is willing to contact him and make friends with him.Of course, if the Yin Tang or forehead is too red, red when it should not be red, red is not normal, that is not a good thing.There was a PE teacher, who had been suffering from chronic disease for many years, and his whole forehead was wrinkled but very red.This is abnormal redness, in fact, it is a sign of Yang Ming meridian heat.Let him usually have nothing to push yintang with his fingers, from the bottom to the top, so as to improve the whole body qi and blood, but also can clear Yang mingjing real heat.However, it is not recommended to do so if the real heat of Yangming Jing is not obvious.Moxibustion at Yintang point can achieve the effects of clearing the eyes and nose, dissipating wind and clearing heat, calming the mind and calming the mind, so that the brain of patients can rest and reduce the body fatigue.Generally speaking, we should keep an optimistic mood, no matter what happens, don’t frown.The road of life.Not all roads are paved with flowers.It’s going in the opposite direction.Flowers accompany thorns.There are many unpleasant things in life, and few are plain sailing, so adversity and setbacks are hard to avoid.If you could just calm down.Observe life calmly, and be not jealous of other people’s good fortune.Neither disheartened by his own setbacks, nor resentful of the wealth of others.Nor humbled by his own poverty;Neither dizzy with his own success, nor gloating over the failure of others.Try to shut out all kinds of outside interference.Can always maintain peace of mind.Frown, yintang twist up, in that case, qi and blood also twist up, do not do, everything must twist up.First of all, you can’t let Yintang hold you back. No matter what happens, let’s stretch our brows and face it with clear eyes.You can be the master of your emotions.Keep a good attitude.You will find happiness, you will have health.Have happiness.

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