Civilization practice in Zhifu!Fight “epidemic” youth say!

Youth war epidemic, voluntary first nucleic acid detection in full swing zhifu youth concerted civilized practice warm heart with a voluntary red, a landscape line constitutes the spring the most beautiful color youth war epidemic, voluntary first nucleic acid information do not understand?Call me anti-epidemic volunteer!Don’t know how to get to the tunnel?Ask me volunteers!Do they use action to write the youth to bear personal information will not record?Looking for my anti-epidemic volunteers!Have trouble getting out?Looking for volunteers to fight COVID-19!They use little glimmer, gather the anti-epidemic force with sincere love, guarding zhifu not unhurt not youth,Although they are temporary volunteers, they are full of energy, serious training, systematic learning, meticulous work and enthusiastic service. They gather young forces to compose the most beautiful background of youth. In the wind and rain, they show their youth and protect their homeland with love during the war against the epidemic.In the name of youth, young faces stand up to see the “epidemic” bravely against the current, using love as a “weapon” in the name of youth, demonstrating the responsibility of youth as one, to fight the epidemic there is a heat, a light they do not cry hard, do not say tired, sweat their youth to interpret the youth style to fight the “epidemic” youth unique red praise!Brave rebels the guardian of the city stand together through thick and thin, unite as one, hope the epidemic will disperse as soon as possible and go together for a Spring Festival

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