Changde Stone Gate: red flags flying in the mountains they go against the wind and snow

Rednet time correspondent Peng Hao Hu Yang reported that the fog is composed of the hang hang, snow like cover, rolling mountains, either hidden or present, a piece of white, a red flag is shining…Members of the Dongfanghong (Electric Mule) Communist Party service team of Huopingshan Power Supply Station are rushing to repair it.In the early morning of February 8, after three days of heavy snow, members of the Dongfanghong (Electric Mule) Communist Party service team of Huopingshan Power Supply Station have been patrolling lines and rushing repairs without stopping.Director Tian Jiacai just rushed back, trouser feet stained with mud, they began to busy arrangements for the team, “bring more dry food, into the mountain so as not to be hungry.”And so began a busy day for the electric mules.Members of the Dongfanghong (electric mule) Communist Party service team of Hupingshan Power Supply Station are carrying tools to repair the mountain.The fault line is deep in the mountains.The higher the car went, the snow on the ground became thicker, and the ice on the road became thicker.The driver said, “Don’t panic, there are anti-skid chains!But sit tight, we know the way!”The car went straight up the hill.When we arrived in the north and South town of Shimen County, the snow on the road was already a foot thick, and the road was covered with bamboo and branches bent by the snow. The car was forced to stop on the roadside, and the emergency repair personnel just got out of the car and prepared to manually clear the “barricades”, there were enthusiastic calls from the villagers.”You don’t worry, my house has a bulldozer, you just go up, I open the way for you!”Fu Guanguo, a villager, led the way with a bulldozer, while rescue workers dealt with bamboo branches. Less than 200 meters away, they were busy de-icing and clearing branches.In the cold weather, layers of sweat broke out on the team’s foreheads.Members of the Dongfanghong (Electric Mule) Communist Party service team of Huopingshan Power Supply Station are rushing to repair it.Arrived near the repair point, the car has not entered, we carry tools, holding the flag of the Communist service team forward on foot.In the snow, red flags fluttered and stood out.There were only four families in the mountain, most of them too old to live down with their children.”Pay dia, you house tower son inside good thick snow, we a few help you sweep, you don’t wrestle!”After clearing the snow, they carried on with their tools.The mountains are white, and the road is only enough for one person to pass carefully. The fault point is in a gully, where the collapsed pine trees press the power lines, and the gully is flowing with melting snow water, icy cold. The emergency repair personnel stand in the gully, their shoes bubble in the water, and they keep sawing wood, “One, two, three!Pull hard!”As the piece of wood that fell on the line fell, the snow on it fell on the rescue workers and turned into a snowman.With the concerted efforts of all of us, the electricity turned on and the lights turned on.Members of the Dongfanghong (Electric Mule) Communist Party service team count tools at Huopingshan Power Supply Station.On the way back, Tian Jiacai thinking about living alone in the mountains of the old Man Wu Qiyi.The old man is 55 years old. His son is working outside and he didn’t come home during the Spring Festival.By then, the old man was chopping wood. They hurried up to help, and in a few moments, there was a pile of wood at the door.The water pipes in the mountains were frozen, so everyone saw the bottom of the old man’s water tank. They filled it with water and checked the home line again.After finishing this, the old man invited them into the house to warm themselves by the fire. When Tian took off his shoes, the water flowed like a column and splashed everywhere as he squeezed his socks.”It’s a regular thing. Just dry it.”The players were calm.The old man took out a few baked sweet potatoes to rush to repair personnel, have not to accept the momentum of the face, “are their own kind, and worthless, you didn’t eat today?Fill your belly!”The players repeatedly thanked: “thank you old man, this is today’s first mouthful of hot!””Need not thank, you usually help a lot of help, help us to take that, we this mountain several old people all remember in the heart.”The old man’s eyes moist.”Have no matter, we are all party members, help the masses do something that is should.”On the bus, Jia Hai ‘ou repeatedly sighed. Tian Jiacai saw that he seemed to have something on his mind, so he talked to him. He said, “I promised my daughter to take her to the training class today.She said angrily this morning that I wasn’t a good father…But I am not only her father, but also an electricity worker. In this situation, as a party member, how can I not stand in front of her?”Jahaio was perplexed.After thinking about it, he still dialed the home phone, a clear “dad” from the mobile phone, Jia Haiou’s hand shook and said: “Dad sorry for you, promised you did not do…””It doesn’t matter, dad, the place without electricity needs dad more, I am a big child, I can understand, mom cooked dinner, dad quickly finished busy go home for dinner.”Hang up the phone, Jia Haiou fundus rose to tears.”Even if there are only four families, it is the duty of us Communist party members to bring home the bacon.”Looking at the beautiful scenery of the snow mountains, director Tian Jiacai firmly said.

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