Actress, 34, is expecting her second child.She longed for a baby girl, but doctors told her it was impossible

Actress Chen Yu-an, 34, happily announced that she is pregnant with her second child, Taiwan media reported on February 8. She also revealed the sex of the baby.As soon as the news came out, netizens left messages of congratulations.”In the New Year, thank god for giving me another new life,” Chen wrote on her social media account. “We will be a family of four. I hope our two treasures will be born safely and grow up healthy.”She said that the feeling of this pregnancy is obviously very different from the first child, full of expectation to give birth to a female baby, the results see B overtime found bad, asked the doctor there is a chance to reverse, the doctor told her impossible.Although Chen yu ‘an failed to give birth to a son and a daughter as she had hoped, she was not too disappointed. She said both men and women are gifts from God.Along with the post, she posted several photos of her family.The photos show the family dressed in light clothes.Three months pregnant, her skin was firm and rosy, and she was in pretty good shape.She was smiling as she held a photo of her second child. It was clear that she was happy to be a mother again.Husband Mr. Wu is not a man in the entertainment circle, but his facial features handsome lang uncommon, shape is quite outstanding, with the beautiful and moving Chen Yu an frame, very suitable for.The little boy in Mr. Wu’s arms is his eldest son Andrew. With big and round eyes and chubby face, he is very cute. He perfectly inherits his parents’ good genes.Mention the name of Chen Yu ‘an, may be a lot of netizens are not familiar with, she is 1.76 meters tall, is a model, debut for many years has been active in the major fashion activities, in a number of advertisements can see her figure, career development is very good.For most of the audience, her most memorable work is probably jay Chou’s MUSIC video, Pull It Out if you Don’t Love Me, in which she plays the leading lady.Beautiful and tall, she was surrounded by admirers.An occasional opportunity, she met Mr. Wu engaged in science and technology industry.Congenial two people, go together very quickly.It is understood that From the beginning of their relationship, Mr Wu wanted to get married, so he always carries a ring.After five years of waiting, he finally found the right opportunity to propose.When Chen yuan came home from work to wash up, Wu, dressed in a suit, got down on one knee and proposed to her. She was so moved that she immediately said yes.The year before, they were officially married.After marriage, the couple tried hard to have a baby. Soon, they had a love child, a lively and lovely son, Andrew.Unexpectedly, Chen Yu ‘an is so quickly pregnant with the second child, that is to say, she will hold two years.

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