Yantai city buses temporarily suspended taxis, online booking normal operation

Jiaodong Online March 16 – (reporter Xiangrong Wang Li Gang Zhou Yuan Pei) urban buses have been suspended, the choice of online car booking, taxi travel how to strengthen epidemic prevention management?At a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Information Office of the Yantai Municipal Government on the afternoon of March 16, Yang Li, deputy director of the Transportation Bureau of Yantai, responded to the concerns of the people.Yang li said that under the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, many districts and cities in The city have been hit by the epidemic. In order to quickly block the spread of the epidemic and control the epidemic as soon as possible, after comprehensive analysis and judgment by experts overnight, the municipal party committee headquarters decided to temporarily suspend public transportation in the city.”In the meantime, members of the public are advised to minimise unnecessary outings.If you do need to go out, try to walk, bike, shared bikes or private cars, and encourage companies to open shuttle buses if they can.”At the conference, Yang li gave advice on how people go out.In addition, taxis and ride-hailing services will continue to operate normally, but platform companies will be forbidden to send orders across approval areas.Taxi companies and ride-hailing platforms should strengthen management and further improve service levels.When taking a taxi or online taxi, citizens should wear masks at all times, take the initiative to cooperate with the driver to check the number, sit in the back seat, choose electronic payment as far as possible, and avoid contact with public parts of the vehicle.At the same time, the city will strengthen the management of taxi and online ride-hailing industries, requiring drivers to report their body temperatures, take good personal protection, carry out vehicle disinfection, and check passengers’ “double code”.To remind the general public, if the driver refuses to take a taxi, online booking, detour, uncivilized service, etc., you can call 2938111 to complain.Once verified, severe punishment will be given.

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