Where there is excitement, there is Kelly Zhang!Don’t “old drama bones” need rest?

Can a play eat half its life?It does happen in show business.Fang Qingzhuo like played “rong Mammy”, in recent years focused on infertility “advertising career” Fang Qingzhuo;Of course, in the performance of “Liu Huifang”, this few years to concentrate on the marketing of old things before The Zhang Kaili, Fang Qingzhuo can only be calculated “small see big wizard”.Carrie Zhang’s acting career mainly revolves around the consumption of “national”, and ultimately achieves “profit maximization”.Somebody said, there are too many of them.However, I would like to say that there are many actors who only play one classic role in their life, but few of them spend their whole life consuming this role.Wang Siyi For the same period of actresses Zhu Lin, Wang Siyi and others, the author only remember their classic screen image.Their acting is admirable, every twinkle and smile, every word and every move with the role.For instance actor Wang Si Yi, modeled the most full Pan Jinlian image so far, between every twinkle and smile are amorous feelings.There is a lens very representative: Wang Si Yi when Wu Lang with tiger hero Wu Song into the door, at this time the lens gave Pan Jinlian a close-up, her face instantly pan-red, eyes filled with dismay, joy, and a trace of regret…The natural expression of such “distraught” emotion is actually the release of the sense of role supported by acting.Zhang Kaili zhang Kaili’s performing arts career also only created “Liu Huifang” a national degree of relatively high role, but the classical degree is far less than Wang Si Yi’s “Pan Jinlian”, Zhu Lin’s “girl country king”, that is to say, for other actresses to play “Liu Huifang” will also be very successful.Interestingly, Zhang Kaili can rely on this a regular role in films and TV plays “mixed” for most of my life, people to the middle age is still “play” multifariously, delightfully.Kelly Chang actually said that she is no longer just a down-to-earth actress, she is more like a shrewd “business”.After her performance in “Desire,” Carrie Chang quickly rose in popularity.But limited by her image, temperament and acting skills, Zhang has been unable to find suitable roles.Ironically, she played Song Meiling in the TV drama Defending Yan ‘an, starring Tang Guoqiang.She and the character are completely out of a dimension, make no small joke!Zhang Kelly later, she began to play “mother-in-law”, routine nothing more than “Shouting” “fuss”, from beginning to end hysteria;At present, Zhang Kaili has set foot in a number of “fields”, in short, there is a “lively” place she!She is an “older” variety cafe, and young artists fight, play hi start not light or heavy;Kelly Zhang is also a well-known representative of the middle-aged and elderly “blanket star” in China, walking in all kinds of award ceremonies, with its increasingly “vibrant” image.She is also officially recognized as an “artist” of performance. Her plays have little impact, but she has won numerous “pheasant” awards.Kelly Zhang, for example, she won the first Australlywood International TV Festival Jinxuan Award outstanding actress award, “deserved”;Zhang Kaili she also entered the “political”, inexplicably had the “CPPCC member” title, and Song Chunli, Pu Cunxin, Chen Daoming and other old drama bone sit together;She also played a “turn-off” dish on New Year’s Eve.2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala sketch “every Festival is urged to get married”, Zhang Kaili played a three words do not urge marriage, but also laugh at the fat man “bitter tongue” mother.Zhang Kaili know to be scolded also want to play, just to show in front of the people of the country, let a person sigh: “the old artist” too dedicated;In addition, Zhang Kaili aunt is also committed to cultivating “star 2 generation”, oath to their “excellent” quality inheritance.She used her contacts accumulated over the years in the show business to push her daughter into popular variety shows and famous directing dramas.Just his daughter is not up to the mark, to emotional intelligence no emotional intelligence, acting also no acting, mix to mix or “Kelly daughter”!Zhang Kaili in recent days, the author has seen zhang Kaili’s body shape from various “channels”.CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala has Heart, Open the door, Echo loud and clear, Beijing SATELLITE TV’s Winter Dream, Henan SATELLITE TV’s Tiger Year Spring Festival Gala, and the TV drama The World…Zhang Kaili may have such a day: we are walking on the old shoes of Zhang Kaili endorsement, eating the black sesame paste of Zhang Kaili endorsement, looking at Zhang Kaili participation in the variety show, listening to Zhang Kaili introduce himself “hello, I am Liu Huifang”, looking at Zhang Kaili that “half-smile” face faint to sleep…

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