Sword refers to 100 billion anti-aging track, beauty skin treasure black five treasures series luxury listed

Author | Chen Jinrong “beauty makeup the headline” new media appearance under the economic level, the public enthusiasm against failure and exquisite of beauty pursuit, the source of kinetic energy has become a fight decline continued outbreak.According to Forbes, China’s anti-aging market has reached 4.5 billion yuan, but there is still room for development of 100 billion yuan.And it’s worth noting that 39 percent of urban women in China between the ages of 20 and 24 use anti-aging products.Anti-aging has become the main consumer skin care needs.In the face of the huge anti-aging market demands, with the brand concept of “skin care with Chinese medicine science and technology, raise my beauty”, Meifubao accurately positioned anti-aging track, among which, the black Five Treasures series products launched by the concept of skin care with Chinese medicine science and technology can be called the representative works of technical innovation of Meifubao.01 classic upgrade beauty skin treasure black Five Treasures series luxury was born in the dream starting point – beautiful clouds south, beauty skin treasure since the establishment of the brand has been well known, in the international brands occupy half of the Chinese cosmetics market, domestic brands want to rise, specializing in traditional Chinese medicine science and technology skin care is the best breakthrough to seize the market.Therefore, since the brand was founded 23 years ago, Meifubao has been dedicated to the research of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology skin care, and expects to integrate the Oriental skin care method with modern science and technology to apply modern skin care products.Early on, the use of modern Chinese medicine beauty technology, the main anti-aging Meifubao Wuzhen series has been popular with consumers as soon as it came on the market, product sales are also increasing year by year.Now, after the iteration and upgrading of ingredient formula technology and product design, the journey of skin aging of Black Five Treasures series of Beauty Skin treasure can be perfected.”From the 1.0 era of traditional Chinese herbal medicine + modern preparation technology, to the later 2.0 era of traditional Chinese medicine + modern dermatology, to today’s skin care 3.0 era, the use of modern dermatology + clinical verification + big data application.Beauty skin treasure continuously carries on the technical innovation, ramps own product strength.Dr. He Jingyu, chief research and development officer of Beauty Skin Treasure, in the formula combination, black Five Treasures series of products can be described as highlights.In beautiful skin treasure, chief development officer, Dr He Jingyu continued study of one hundred people, this series of products mix the “double A” double peptide anti-wrinkle formula combination of science and technology as the core, make the skin not loose doesn’t collapse, and polished by repeated experiments, the five series of products of Jane formula on the effect and skin feeling achieved rare both sides hold concurrently.In addition, the black Five Treasures series of products selected from the geographical location of changbai Mountain black ginseng, black ganoderma, black matsutake, ripe rehmannia and wolfberry extract, carrying bidirectional biological fermentation skin care technology, make the black five treasures ingredients effect increased.Of course, the sincerity of Meirubao to polish high-quality products is not only the polishing precipitation of the core formula and the careful selection of raw materials, but also the exquisite design of the black Five Treasures series., black five j series products of the overall design is inspired by Chinese traditional culture and aesthetics, the workman hands the Chinese traditional culture into modern wind container, realizes the perfect fusion of traditional and modern elements, and the bottle using the black gradient elements and yuhuan combination design, at the same time of enhancing brand high-end quality tonal,It also conveys the elegant Oriental charm of the brand and deepens the cultural connotation of Meifubao.Beauty skin treasure black Wuzhen product design drawing always strives for perfection of product quality, black wuzhen series products can be described as the interpretation of beauty skin treasure ingenuity of the United States.In fact, the black Five Treasures series of products have “resist” the power of the years, inseparable from the beauty of the core brand scientific research strength.Scientific research and innovation has become the key to enhance the core competitiveness of the brand.Backed by huanya Group with strong scientific research strength, Meifubao’s scientific research strength in the field of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology skin care can not be underestimated.Huanya Group has two large-scale and highly forward-looking technology innovation R&D centers in the world, namely the Research Institute in China and the Research Institute in Australia. As of March 30, 2022, the group has 132 patents.In addition, Huanya Group has also carried out multi-dimensional and in-depth scientific research cooperation with multi-field scientific research institutions, such as Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute, Japan Meiyan Innovative new strains and other scientific research institutions on cosmetics composition, efficacy and product safety testing cooperation and exchanges,Moreover, it has reached strategic cooperation on supply chain with the world famous cosmetic raw material suppliers such as BASF, Ashland, Desianxin, Sabic, Clariant and so on.Based on huanya Group has strong r & D strength and leading production conditions, the brand r & D hard strength of Meifubao can also be seen.While hard power is constantly strengthened, Huanya Group also pays attention to the continuous improvement of brand soft power.In order to inherit The Chinese beauty culture, Huanya Group also established the History Museum of Chinese beauty and cosmetics – Guangdong Huanya Beauty and Cosmetics Museum in 2007.In guangdong huanya hairdressing cosmetics museum, beauty skin treasure with rich national color rich exhibits to numerous consumers showing its for many years to inherit the ingenuity of the Oriental beauty culture treasure.Due to the active practice of corporate social responsibility, Guangdong Huanya Beauty & Cosmetics Museum has also won the honorary title of national 3A tourist attraction, and was rated as “National Grade 3 Museum” by China Museum Association.It is in the soft and hard strength of the double support, Meifubao can be for consumers to forge a series of Oriental skin care artisan boutique.In the future, even if consumers’ skin care needs are increasingly diversified, and new concepts in the beauty industry emerge in endlessly, Meifubao will continue to develop and innovate more new Chinese skin care products to provide consumers with better skin care experience, and interpret the ingenuity of Chinese brands with strength and beauty.

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