Beibang project case sharing

Brewery in shaanxi’s one just put into production because of lack of experience, the production of beer is always with a little cloudy, was forced to take in the supernatant of beer, but such a serious waste of remaining alcohol content in the fermented liquid, and the later to other companies to learn from experience learned after distillation blending need add fine filtration equipment to remove residues in the fermented liquid…After comparison, we found Henan Beibang Environmental Protection Company to do this project. Researchers from Beibang Laboratory found that the content of solids in the fermentation liquid was about 8%, and the size of bacteria in the fermentation liquid was about 0.4μm, and the filter cake with bacteria was sticky, which was difficult to flake off naturally from the filter cloth of the filter press by gravity.Considering these factors, the researchers recommend a set of diaphragm filter press with automatic varicose system, using the filter cloth varicose system can make the filter press at work can change the Angle of the filter cloth, the inverted v-shape, at the same time in the spring on the filter cloth scale shaking, make the filter cake off automatically, and for filtering and viscous material for users of a higher moisture content requirements,This machine has its unique characteristics, the filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene moulding, diaphragm and polypropylene plate inlaid together, firm, not easy to fall off, long service life.(Scene picture of Shaanxi brewery) After three months of trial operation, the person in charge of the brewery found that in the past three months, the productivity of beer was significantly improved, the phenomenon of turbidity did not happen again, and the sales volume was significantly improved.

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