A 0:2 let the national football team into despair, But Li Xiaopeng harvest a big discovery, he is the only FIG leaf

0-2, China again against The Japanese team, as in the first leg, passive, the whole opponent was crushed, there is no counterattack.Throughout the game, China only made two shots, but also far from the outside of the penalty area wave shot, did not shoot inside the woodwork;But The Japanese team was a total of 17 shots, six shots on target, had it not been for the limited ability of the Japanese forwards to grasp the chances, the Chinese team would have lost by at least four goals.Honestly, after watching this game, I don’t know what to write.Don’t you work hard to write our national football team?As a matter of fact, they were all too busy and dutiful to slack off.Write the national football coach Li Xiaopeng on the spot command flaws?In fact, There was nothing worthy of discussion about Li Xiaopeng’s on-the-spot command from the beginning to the end. The starters were all started and the replacements were all changed. From the perspective of the coach, Li Xiaopeng did not make any obvious mistakes.If Li Xiaopeng this field still have what need to improve the place, that is he changed naturalized new international dai Weijun time a little late.If dai had been replaced at the beginning of the second half with Hao Junmin, the result might not have been changed, but the tactical effect would have been much better.The reason why I say this is because throughout the whole game, the national football team’s overall level is behind the Japanese team, from passing to receiving, to creating attack opportunities, are behind, the National football team has no possibility of winning.We lost without any temper and could only say two words after the game: not as good as us.If there was a bright spot for China, it was Dai Weijun, who came on in the 64th minute of the second half, who gave us a glimpse of the team’s future.Dai came on in the 64th minute and the game ended in 93 minutes, playing a total of 29 minutes.In those 29 minutes, dai had no goals, no assists, but delivered a very respectable response: 19 touches;14 passes, 100% pass success rate;1 successful long pass;2 times, 1 success;1 time was violated.After all, it is the players who have been baptized in England, whether it is awareness, or the use of footwork, are commendable.If a national foot have dai Weijun such skill, the national foot will not be in such a mess on the field.It is no exaggeration to say that the 22-year-old Dai Weijun is the biggest discovery of the national football coach Li Xiaopeng.But it is also the only piece of FIG leaf for the National football team, because of his appearance, the National football team only retained a little dignity.He is the only one who can walk off the pitch with his head held high.Sadly, there are too few of them.Tragically few.This 0-2 by Japan after the double kill, the National football team completely cornered, has basically lost the hope of the World Cup qualification.

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