What would happen if you did planks for 1 minute a day for 1 month?Reap at least 4 benefits

Many people prefer planks to push-ups and sit-ups.Not because it’s easier, but because doing a plank for a minute is difficult for many people.However, many people believe that plank can make people exercise vest line, insist on doing plank every day, a long time, hoping to “crash” vest line, is this feasible?Do planks for 1 minute a day for 1 month.When plank, people can feel many parts of the body are very sour, and will be unable to stop shaking, which is actually the performance of weak muscle strength, and every day according to 1 minute plank exercise time, adhere to a month, at least four parts of the body can reap benefits.It may be difficult at first to balance a plank with just your elbows and toes on a flat surface, but with a daily workout, it’s easier to find your center of gravity and maintain your balance.This change in balance also reflects people’s ability to pay more attention and react better.Planks are more energy-intensive than exercises such as push-ups, but if you do one for 1 minute a day for a month, you’ll burn a lot of calories and boost your basal metabolic rate.In other words, the daily intake of calories does not change, the basal metabolic rate increases, the consumption of energy will be higher, for weight loss, weight loss will be more helpful.The waist and back strength is enhanced. If you want to keep plank support, you will not collapse. There are higher requirements for waist strength.When you can do a plank for one minute a day and still maintain a standard posture, your lower back muscles will also be toned. This will help build muscle strength and reduce the risk of unnecessary back injuries and sprains.People who do planks tend to have stronger core muscles.The arms, lower back, shoulders and abdominal muscles will all be worked.Keep a standard plank posture for a long time, especially can make people’s body curve more straight and straight, insist on doing it for a month, can also quickly find that the body posture is more correct, look more lines.If you want to reap the benefits of sticking with planks, try setting aside one minute a day to practice them, too.Is planking as long as possible?Many people said that their body is better, exercise 1 minute is not a little too short.In order to challenge their “limits”, they will set a relatively high standard for themselves, each support as long as possible, until they completely run out of energy will stop.But it’s important to note that planks don’t get better the longer you exercise.When doing plate support, the core muscle group of the whole body is in a high tension state, 1 minute to 2 minutes or so of time is more appropriate to exercise.In the process of exercise, the meaning of exercise is to be able to finish easily, from the original will not stop shaking, barely support, to the whole exercise process will not shake.If just prolong the exercise time blindly, it is likely to bring a lot of pressure to the back, more prone to sports injuries.Can insist on doing plank every day for 1 minute, and insist on 1 month, the body will reap 4 benefits, but also pay attention to, do not overexercise, excessively extend the time of plank, so as not to damage the back.1. Don’t feel like going out to exercise in cold weather?3, 1 minute plank every day for a month, and you will have these 6 “unexpected gains”

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