Vogel: It’s not that I’m bad at coaching, it’s that Lebron’s frequent injuries have disrupted my schedule

The Lakers briefly fell to 11th in the Western Conference, but with the spurs losing to the Grizzlies, they’re back in 10th place, but they can’t keep counting on SAN Antonio losing. They need to keep winning to get into the play-offs.Today, Lakers coach Vogel is out to express his feelings, in his view, the lakers lost for a reason.Vogel said in an interview, “I will over a period of time to review your coaching approach, in some matches my substitution may be not quite correct, but this is not my coaching ability bad, you know, in some cases you must according to the plan before the game to play, but this season the lakers didn’t give me the opportunity to make mistakes.””We had a rotation set in place long before the season started, but as you can see, my plan was disrupted by Lebron’s frequent stops and the injuries that He sustained throughout the team, and the plans that our coaching staff made over the summer were completely disrupted.”Vogel continued.Obviously vogel still doesn’t realize his problems. don’t you have anything to do with the lakers’ injuries, especially the lakers’ injuries?Obviously not, if Vogel let The eyebrows play his familiar power forward position, then absolutely not let him frequent injuries, every night the eyebrows have to fight in the inside line and center, originally fragile body must be overwhelmed, injury down is sooner or later.If he doesn’t do a fundamental rethink of his coaching, then I’m afraid the offseason will be over for him.

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