The Killing of The Three Kingdoms: Heavenly Palace treasure house is updated again, the killing of familiar play to the extreme, but the skin is really beautiful!

To experience, to meet!Today is another energetic day, go chase your love xinghai!I’m durian. Welcome to this episode of “Durian says Three Kingdoms”!Now durian has formed a habit, every time tiangong treasure house update, want to order 10 even, see their luck.But do not know from what time, the original explosion rate is very high tiangong treasure house suddenly become outrageous, durian last tiangong spent ten thousand yuan, but an epic skin has not opened out, is not bell will steal wine not worship too attractive.This is not tiangong update again, just take an opportunity, durian and everyone talk about love and hate tiangong treasure house.First, let’s take a look at the probability of the prize of heavenly Palace. The white item is mosquito meat, with a probability of 92%.Yellow items are orders of recruitment and armor, which are also not valuable, 5.9% of the time;Both green and blue have a 0.9 percent probability, which includes fine skin as well as epic beads, feathers and spirits.Red items are the three epic skins with a 0.3% probability. What is that?According to the mathematical expectation, the average person needs to spend 1000 yuan to fill up.For durian will have a big activity to order a ten even habit?Because durian has tasted sweet before, remember when Tiangong just came out, we do not know what this is, so it is more cautious, at the beginning of the durian hold a try attitude, ordered a ten even — directly took an epic skin.Durian was stunned at that time, the following several activities, the single point of the epic pearl this thing also happened several times…This makes durian not only suspect that the explosion rate of the palace is not higher than in fact, but it is only a means of urging krypton.Durian admits that tiangong has a high explosion rate in the beginning. In other words, if you smoke it, at least one good thing will come out.Once you’re past the “taste test” stage and want to spend a lot of money on your skin, you’ll find that it pops 0.3 percent of the time.It’s a pretty scary thing, which means you’ll have to spend an average of 333 yuan to get an epic skin.And the previous sweetener will make you unwilling, it is inevitable.Two days ago durian in the gossip to see an old brother spent 1000 dollars, epic skin is not a out, but also helpless sigh, is a killed familiar old player.So durian or advise you not to go to the top, in case of real shipment on the good, meet this kind of big activity, at most point ten even take a 2022 silver award, turn around and run quickly, shipping out, not out of nothing, this time the most important heart.However, the update of the three epic skin is really good, respectively zhugeke, Zhuge Christmas and Guo Jia, the overall painting style biased to the national style, composition is very beautiful, especially Zhuge Christmas, durian at first glance, once thought that this is a mermaid…Guo Jia, as always, is the spokesman of the beautiful man, but if replaced by god Guo Jia, Tiangong sales must be higher, after all, Guo Jia in actual combat, or a more pull cross the general.I am durian, love games, love you more!What do you think of tiangong Treasure House?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!PS: Thank you for reading ~~ the original is not easy, just by hand, if you like, click on it

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