Stupid head always always dig nostril, finally on the hand actually grew “mushroom”!

Idiot always likes to pick his nose.Any time of the day.Wow even the sleepers are picking their noses during dinner.Repeat the same thing every day, so, stupid little finger, because it is too dirty, so it grew a mushroom.According to Xiaobian.Picking your nose is a bad habit to have.Because it’s not sanitary, there’s a lot of bacteria.So be sure to clean your nostrils properly.And our idiots have this bad habit.Pick your nose at any time.He ended up with a mushroom growing out of his hand.That’s the end of this cartoon.This time, I remind you that picking your nose is really an unhygienic behavior.Make sure you pick your nose correctly.Don’t study like a dork.He picks his nose all the time and ends up with a mushroom on his hand.A’s alarm clock could not wake him up, so the alarm clock that daotou sent him woke him up!Prosperous wealth does not want to and foolish head obeisance son, but foolish head pretends not to hear!

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