Sports facilities in schools were first shared in the competition area

“Children from Shenzhuang primary School and Qianjin Primary School are very welcome to come to our school to carry out sports activities and share school sports resources.”Zhang Guodong, principal of Xinxin School in Jingxiu District, is warmly receiving teachers and students from the two brother schools.Recently, the new school of Jingxiu district was officially listed as Baoding Sports Resource sharing Central School, which also marks the official start of sports resource sharing work of schools in the main urban area of Our city.Previously, the city education bureau, the municipal sports bureau, the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), the city finance bureau jointly formulated the “baoding city school sports facilities in sharing scheme”, TV area as the province’s first demonstration area leading on to explore individual teaching fusion, to upgrade for the sports resources sharing sharing sports facilities, sports facilities in schools, professional teachers, echelon construction comprehensive balance optimization, etc.In order to realize the neighboring school sports facilities sharing, maximize the use of school sports facilities efficiency, for training excellent sports reserve talents to lay a solid foundation, better service for the majority of young students physical quality improvement.Basic ball training, dribbling between moves, passing and catching between moves, footwork flexibility training…Every Saturday and Sunday at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, 20 members of the boys’ and girls’ basketball team of Qianjin Primary School will come to the playground of xinxing School for training on time.At present, 12 primary schools in Jingxiu district, including Qianjin Primary School, Shenzhuang Primary School and Lekai Primary School, have realized sports resource sharing with 8 Baoding Sports resource sharing central schools, including regional and municipal vocational Education Center, municipal Women’s Vocational Secondary School, municipal Special Education Center, Baoding No. 7 Middle School, And Baoding No. 26 Middle School.According to these schools nearby group, on-demand protocol, the principle of risk sharing, capital as a whole, adhere to for students, security is given priority to, a school policy, pushing, free service, public policy, in our school education teaching and daily activities between teachers and students demand under the premise of maximizing the school sports resources potential.”School sports resource sharing not only effectively alleviates the shortage of physical exercise space for students, but also can improve students’ physical health level and sports skills to provide a basic guarantee, help teenagers really fall in love with sports, achieve the goal of strengthening the foundation, developing skills and promoting special skills.”President Zhang Guodong said.The reporter learned that in the concrete implementation of the sharing plan, Qianjin Primary School and Xinxing School jointly determine the time for the use of the venue. Xinxing School is responsible for providing excellent teachers for the sports club, and the activity time is scheduled, including basketball, football, tennis, swimming, fencing, etc., for the students of Qianjin Primary school to choose to participate.”Large venues create conditions for schools to enrich sports competition activities, but also let more children can participate in sports, enjoy the charm of sports, harvest healthy growth.In particular, the excellent teachers provided by the shared central school greatly enrich students’ sports vision, facilitate students to master one or two sports skills, make students willing to learn, enjoy learning, willing to practice, and promote the development of students’ personality.”Forward elementary school vice principal Song Yachao tells a reporter, “sports resources sharing, for long plagued by lack of venues and facilities of the school to solve the problem, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, more meet the needs of student diversity of physical exercise, improve the quality of the school sports work, and made it better serve students, service education development.”Baoding No.7 Middle School, as the city sports resource sharing center school, not only has many international and national referees and many national athletes, but also has many professional training venues.The school’s aerobics and cheerleading professional teacher Liu Yuewei told reporters: “Baoding no. 7 aerobics and cheerleading major is a leader in the industry in Baoding.We can share high-quality resources with the brother schools in the area, which can not only improve the professional level of athletes and coaches, but also lay a solid foundation for the construction of our city’s aerobics cheerleading echelon and the cultivation of high-level sports talents.””As the provincial model schools teach fusion, we fully support sports resources sharing, not only to provide Shared school sports venues and facilities, but also send high level coaches to provide professional guidance to students attending the sharing, let more students really enjoy high quality sports bring health and happiness, contributing to adolescent physical ascension in power.”Baoding No. 7 Middle School principal Lu Jinqi said.Zhang Lin, deputy director of the Sports and Education Integration Development Center of Jingxiu District Education and Sports Bureau, told reporters that resource sharing, on the one hand, is conducive to creating a 10-minute training circle among schools and increasing students’ effective training time.On the other hand, it can effectively improve the utilization rate of stadiums and gymnasiums, and provide space and facilities for the development of sports and education integration projects.Competition and Show District took the lead in implementing school sports resource sharing in the whole city, which has a strong pilot and demonstration effect. 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