Province conscription work teleconference held

Fujian Daily · new Fujian client January 26 – (reporter Lin Yuxi) 26, our province held a conscription work teleconference, deployment of the province’s conscription work this year.Zhao Long, governor of Fujian province and head of the provincial conscription leading group, stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought on strengthening the military, implement the spirit of the national conscription teleconference, establish the concept of accurate conscription, actively provide high-quality soldiers for the people’s army, and strive to create a new situation of conscription in fujian in the new era.Provincial military region leaders Wang Hongyu, Song Hongxi attended, vice governor Kang Tao presided over.Zhao pointed out that Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions and instructions on strengthening and improving military service, pointing out the direction and providing fundamental guidance for the high-quality development of conscription in the new era.This year is the 20th at the annual, deepen the reform of national defense mobilization system is be born year of implementation, two times a year, is recruiting quality, and the efficiency of transformation of the years of development, we should improve the political stance, keep in mind the “head” of countries, deeply recognize the importance of recruiting work of national defense and army building, strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, to grasp the real conscription work,To mobilize more outstanding young people in Fujian to serve the country.Focus on key points, strengthen the recruitment of college graduates, promote the recruitment work to improve the quality and efficiency;We should launch scientific and accurate propaganda, give full play to our province’s advantages of double support tradition and party history events, red resources and revolutionary ancestors, innovate publicity methods, increase typical publicity, and create a glorious atmosphere of joining the army and growing up in the army.We need to strengthen the role of policy incentives, and ensure that new recruits receive preferential treatment, demobilized soldiers are accommodated, and military personnel and their families are rewarded with special honors.We must adhere to the defense line of integrity, strict standard procedures, and promote the continuous upward trend of conscription.All military and civilian departments at all levels must resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of conscription work, strengthen organizational leadership, do a good job in military-civilian coordination, and strictly enforce security control to ensure the successful completion of conscription tasks.At the meeting, Zhang Yusheng, deputy commander of the provincial military Region, made specific work arrangements, And Shi Jianguo, deputy political commissar of the provincial military Region, read out the commendation notice of the recruitment work in 2021. Members of the provincial recruitment leading group attended the meeting in the main venue.Each district city and Pingtan comprehensive experimental area, each county (city, district) set up a sub-conference.

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