It’s spring again

Yesterday, the fourth day of the first lunar month, is the 24 solar terms of spring.Start of Spring is the first season of the 24 solar terms.It means that winter is coming to an end and spring is coming.Spring is the season for farming.Without spring sowing, there would be no summer growing, no autumn harvesting, and no winter gathering.Spring is the time of year.After the Spring Festival, people have to leave the warm home and bed, to run far away, down to the field, into the workshop, busy in the construction site.There is no chance to enjoy the scenery, no time to romance, some only work, some only sweat, some only go and have no return.Spring is the season when flowers bloom.Everything revives, grass sprouts, trees blossom.There are thousands of flowers, each with its own color, its own shape, its own fragrance, its own season.Some are dazzling, some are brilliant, some are bright red and green, and some are dotted, quietly elegant and tender, shy and timid, in bud.This is the colorful flower of the world, this is the spring flowers bloom.People aesthetic, flower appreciation interest, trade-offs are not the same, this is called taste, but can not rise to moral character.Spring, is easy to spring sleepy, good sleep season.Spring nap, is often the case, the climate is infinitely good, spring sleep is not aware of xiao, everywhere hear the crow birds, the wind and rain at night, know how many flowers fall.Men of letters, more flirtatious.But we are ordinary people, need to take root, need to sprout, need to grow, we can occasionally romantic, but can not be happy, happy.We must seize the opportunity of spring, make a good start, start a good step, in order to open their own flowers, bear their own fruit.We are enjoying, savoring spring, summer, fall and especially winter waiting for us.We, the middle-aged and the elderly, should also seize the tail of youth.Spring, for us, no!For everyone in this world, it’s one season, one less.Despite the cycle of four seasons, after all, time flies like an arrow.We can’t wait, or be lazy, or groan.Now, you moan, who has time to listen to you?Spring is infinitely good, in a twinkling of an eye has passed.We should enjoy what we have and not miss it.The hard work, you do not pretend what literati, this is the reality and life in spring.

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