Challenge joint venture 2.0t Jetway X90 dragon what skills?

Dude, you know the fun of buying a performance car?Say yes, then we are in the same way ah!However, many people believe that performance cars are out of reach.One is that performance cars are usually more expensive.Second, because of the current economic situation of most of our families, many families can only buy one car, and most of the vehicle space and performance can not be both, leading to many friends who had the idea of performance car when buying a car will compromise for the family, buy a large space SUV.The combination of these two factors makes “owning a performance car” a dream for many people.However, in today’s environment, some independent brands have a deep insight into the needs of today’s consumers, such as Jietu Motor’s newly listed Jietu X90 Dragon, with 4858mm large body, 1925mm wide body cockpit and 2850mm long wheelbase, to meet the large space attributes of the home, but also very good performance,Equipped with Chery’s kunpeng Power 2.0T engine and intelligent, healthy and ecological cabin, the price is also very affordable, enabling consumers who pursue both home attributes and power performance to “have it both ways”.So, jie way X90 son dragon has what kind of performance?Does it give you the same driving pleasure as a performance car?Let’s find out.Catch up with the engine of the luxury car is cool “shoot people shoot horses first, catch thief catch king.”To understand the performance of a car, first look at the engine.In terms of parameters, the 2.0t engine of Kunpeng Power carried by Jetu X90 Zilong can generate a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N·m.The numbers alone may not make much sense, but here’s how it compares with the 2.0-t engines we’re familiar with in several joint ventures.After comparison, I believe you can clearly see that the engine parameters of Jetway X90 Dragon are significantly ahead of Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, Audi Q5L and other outstanding joint venture models.It is worth mentioning, thanks to 7 speed wet dual-clutch gearbox with kunpeng power 2.0 T engine perfect match, the express way X90 son dragon’s hundreds of kilometers in 8 seconds faster, than many of the joint venture brands and even luxury brands are faster, visible, the calibration of the engine and the gearbox kung fu has overtaken the level of national line companies.At this time may have a friend to ask, jieway X90 dragon engine so fierce, what is the head?You know, many car companies have been overtaking cars in electric curves over the years, and Chery has been practicing its internal skills since 1997 and studying engine technology.Because of the hard work on the road of independent research and development, this engine has also won the “China Heart” Top 10 Engine award, which is one of the three world-class awards, along with “Ward Top 10 Engine” and “International Engine of the Year”.This means that the kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine has been recognized by a world-class professional organization.Now the domestic oil price continues to rise, the cost of vehicles greatly increased.In the pursuit of good performance of the car, but also to consider the economy of the car, right?Jetway X90 dragon not only has strong power, but also can take into account the economy of the family car.Kunpeng Power 2.0t engine adopts special structure design and many world-leading technologies such as I-HEC ⅱ generation intelligent combustion system, Miller cycle, all-dimensional integrated ultra-low friction reduction technology, super transient response power system, etc.For example, i-HEC ⅱ generation intelligent combustion system can improve the rolling flow of air into the cylinder, so that it is fully mixed with the fuel, more easy to quickly explode, can “squeeze” every drop of oil contained in the energy, no waste.Even with luxury brand contrast, jie way X90 son dragon is still more close to the people in terms of fuel consumption.Although Audi Q5L that ancestral fuel economy is not quite better than, but 8.1L 100 km fuel consumption is absolutely also called very economic.In addition, other 2.0-t engines generally require more expensive no. 95 gasoline, while jetto X90 is relatively better to fuel, requiring only no. 92. Jetto X90 is significantly more economical in the long run.Life warranty, Jie Way X90 son dragon is the king of cost performance “steel alchemist” once mentioned a concept: equivalent exchange.It is the rule of all things in the world that man must pay the same price for everything he receives.And if you’re not paying the same price, then someone else is.The same is true in the field of automobiles. If you use a car, you have to bear the loss of it. It is necessary to repair and maintain it, which is also a considerable cost.Considering this, the 2.0t engine of Kunpeng Power carried by Jetu X90 Zilong went through rigorous test and verification at the beginning of its development, which lasted more than 15,000 hours, equivalent to more than 10 years of user experience based on 4 hours of use per day, and possessed excellent reliability.In addition, due to the absolute confidence of their own product quality, Jieway X90 zilong also provides lifetime warranty for the vehicle, willing to replace them for the user in the future car “pay the price”, can be said to solve the worries of consumers.To sum up, in the face of such a strong power, taking into account the fuel-saving properties, and very easy to feed the Jetway X90 son dragon, I do not know what you think, anyway, I am moved.

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