Next week’s stock market trend chart, shock market, first up and then down

By the end of the weekend, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3490 points, up 0.8% weekly, but the volume of transactions shrank to 1.7 trillion.Shenzhen component Index closed at 13459 points, up 1.78% weekly, trading volume shrank to 2.5 trillion.The CHINext index closed at 2,826 points, up 2.96 percent for the week.This week’s market is each plate has been in rotation, so the vast majority of stocks have varying degrees of rebound.The only pity is that stock market turnover has been weak.The foundation of unlimited rebound is not solid, there is any wind, the stock market will fall across the board.Fill is the next stock market must complete the task, otherwise the peak is limited.According to my background data and the recent stock market situation, the chart of Shanghai Stock Index next week is analyzed as follows: According to this chart, the stock market trend next week can only be considered as average, with high before and low after.The best that can happen is that Monday and Tuesday the stock market will go the way the theory says it should, first down, then up, with higher bottoms and higher tops.And the volume of two cities to moderate amplification.Pay attention to the opening range every day, as long as the encounter of a large low open or high open to the median near the nature of the rise and fall will be reversed.Not to open near the median trading day, the market trend unchanged.With the number of A-share listed companies exceeding 4, 000, it now seems that the rise and fall of the Shanghai Index has little significance for individual stocks, as is generally the case.Now the Shanghai Composite index trend only to do short – term T has great reference significance.But now fry must pay attention to the track plate.Because the stock market goes up, there must be mainstream plate led the market rebound, and vice versa.So must be combined with the Gate plate trend.But if you encounter extreme conditions, such as the market in January this year, the significance of the index is very important, so it can not be generalized.The next Shanghai composite index is bound to go triple bottom, such a move has a lot of benefits, let copy w bottom of the capital suffering, so that they cut ahead of time out of the meat, at the same time let early catch plate micro profit micro loss run, for these escaped shareholders or base people later chase up to provide enough funds, that is, low sell high buy.From the technical analysis, gem index market is not over, if gem index to reverse, next week must withstand 5 average pressure.Otherwise, the work will fail, or time for space, and then continue to grind.

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