Mother abdominal pain + lower body bleeding thought pregnant, the examination found that the uterus unexpectedly long hair and teeth

Recently, a woman named Page shared a short video about her bizarre condition, saying that after a recent ultrasound scan at her gynaecologist, she found teeth and hair growing out of her womb.Even more shocking, the teeth and hair came from her son, who had been born two years earlier and had lost part of his fetal tissue in his mother’s womb. Now part of his body has grown.In other words, she gave birth to a baby, but she didn’t give birth to it completely, leaving part of it inside…It all started a while ago.One day, To her surprise, Page began suffering from abdominal pain and bleeding in her lower body.Because her periods had been steady for years, interrupted by the birth of her son two years ago, And now she was bleeding abnormally from her lower body, Page assumed she might be pregnant again…She went to see a gynecologist and asked for an ultrasound to see if she really had a baby.Page was thrilled when the ultrasound machine moved to Page’s abdomen and a round object appeared on the screen. “No, it’s not a fetus,” the doctor said with a straight face.”Much worse than a foetus, actually.These are two Dermoid cysts, one about seven centimeters in diameter, about the size of an egg, the other about the size of a pea.”After further examination, doctors told Page that the two dermoid cysts had developed, growing hair and teeth…Dermoid cysts, also known as mature cystic teratoma, are formed when a small portion of fetal tissue is isolated and left in the uterus during fetal development.Such tissue may contain cells from bone, body fluids, nerves, hair, and teeth. It can also grow anywhere in the body, most commonly inside the skull of the face, or in the ovaries.In Page’s womb, the body fragment that had belonged to the son had grown into teeth and hair.To sum up, in July 2020, Page gave birth to a son, but a fragment of the son remained in his mother’s womb. Two years later, it also developed teeth and hair, finally giving the mother the root of the illness…After the video spread online, it aroused the curiosity of countless netizens.A short time later, Page posted a video about his latest decision.She said she decided to have surgery to remove the dermoid cyst on her doctor’s advice because the pain was unbearable: “A pinprick pain that went all the way down her back.And, if it gets bigger, it could seriously affect my uterus and ovaries, further affecting my fertility.I’d better cut it. At least it’ll keep as a fun souvenir.”At the end of the video, Page concluded that although social media is very advanced nowadays, it is not feasible to share the illness blindly on social media and ask various netizens to help “cloud diagnosis”. If you are sick, you should go to a doctor, because you may suffer from a rare dermoid cyst like her…The copyright belongs to the original author of the content of the article if involved in infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in time

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