Get this message, don’t panic!Do it this way!

Many people have received this message recently.”Am I going to be quarantined soon?Please note that receiving this message does not necessarily mean that you are a “companion in time and space”, nor does it necessarily mean that you will be given a “yellow code”, it just means that you may have had direct or indirect contact with a novel Coronavirus infection recently!1. Take the initiative to monitor your health, such as taking your body temperature and observing whether you have respiratory symptoms.2. Pay close attention to the personal health code and nucleic acid test results, and contact the community in time if there is any change or abnormality.3, do personal protection during the period, do not attend crowded places, do not participate in gathering activities.Prevention and control of the epidemic requires the concerted efforts of every citizen. We do not need to panic excessively, but we should also strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. We hope the epidemic will pass soon.”Time companion” refers to a person whose mobile phone number is identified by the COVID-19 control system as being associated with the mobile phone number of a confirmed case. If the person’s green health code becomes yellow with a warning and is marked as “time companion” by the system.Editor: Wu Jiahuan Responsible Editor: Wu Jing ☆ Welcome to forward, reprint please indicate the source

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