Zhou Qi is expected to return to the CBA to join Liaoning, Marbury signed 100 points, Zeng Fanbo injury no harm!

Zhou Qi is expected to return to Liaoning after a hot season in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). However, zhou Qi, one of China’s key players, was unable to leave the Xinjiang Men’s basketball team and moved to the Australian NBL.However, recent media reports have suggested that zhou is likely to return to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) after this season’s NBL if he doesn’t make it to the NBA.Liaoning men’s basketball side also took the initiative to contact xinjiang men’s basketball, intends to use high shiyan and other assets as a bargaining chip back to Zhou Qi.It is understood that zhou Qi wants to return to China for two main reasons. First, the salary of CBA league is higher. Although the maximum salary of CBA league is only 6 million yuan at present, with some benefits, the income is definitely far more than 6 million yuan.Also, Zhou qi and his wife are still newlyweds, and Zhou qi misses his wife and family very much.So if all goes well, Zhou qi is very likely to return to the CBA and join liaoning.The Chinese basketball Association (CBA) is about to enter the third phase of the league, the final stretch of the regular season, with only 10 games for each team before the intense playoff race.Therefore, in the third stage, the task of Beijing North Control head coach Marbury is still very heavy. North Control men’s basketball team is only ranked 11th in the league, belongs to the edge of the playoff team, if the team can not lead into the playoffs, Marbury is afraid to face the crisis of dismissal.But it is quite embarrassing, the old ma most rely on the small guard Liao Sanning facial fractures in three places, the third stage will not return.In order to solve the crisis of the defence line of choose and employ persons, Lao Ma recently signed a strong li Qingxiang.For Li Qingxiang this player, most fans are not very familiar with, in fact, this player is praised by many fans as domestic Chamberlain!Li qingxiang, 30, played for Zhejiang province before helping Shaanxi win the NBL championship.In his last two seasons with the Guangzhou Longshi, Li once scored 100 points in a wild game.Li qingxiang is physically strong, strong on the offensive end, and good at organizing the team. Ma signed the 100-point player to replace Liao Sanning’s absence and ensure that the team made the playoffs.Zeng Fanbo injury in the minds of many fans, this year Zhou Qi, Liu Chuanxing and Zeng Fanbo is the most concerned players, especially the young Zeng Fanbo, the young this year is only 19 years old, currently playing in the G League, zeng Fanbo will sign up for the NBA draft this summer, is our Chinese men’s basketball future star.But recently in a G League game, Zeng Fanbo accidentally injured again, so that the fans worried unceasingly.At around 11 am on February 18, WANG Jian, an NBA draft expert, posted an update on his micro blog. Wang said zeng fanbo’s injury is not serious, but he is not sure whether he will play in the All-Star weekend. The specific situation will be decided after filming today.Ceng Fanbo’s injury problem is not big, let the fans at home also rest assured.After entering the United States G League, Zeng Fanbo more or less some glass body quality meaning, experienced a number of injuries, the future draft prospects are not very good.But Zeng fanbo alone in the United States to play, fans still give Zeng Fanbo high expectations, hope after the All-Star break, Zeng Fanbo can play.

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