Youyang Market Supervision bureau inspected the canteen food safety in Miaoxi

Youyang News on the morning of February 17th, youyang Miaoxi Township Education management Center invited county market supervision Bureau, Dingshi Market supervision Office, Miaoxi township food and drug administration office to inspect the food safety situation in the canteen of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Miaoxi township.From raw material inspection, law enforcement officers rough machining, show me the ticket, incoming inspection, cold storage refrigeration equipment, storage place environmental health, canteen supplier qualification, purchase documents and record, food retention samples of the tableware disinfection inspection records, in view of the problems found during the inspection, law enforcement personnel to correct on the spot, put forward rectification opinions, demanded an immediate or rectification within a time limit,Build a solid school cafeteria security line.Editor: Zhao Shuting

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